Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That’s Some Good Bar-b-que


2-PACs sallied forth into the evening Gloom for some fellowship and a good meal.

COP (FYI: this means “Circle of Pain,” as in, the PAX has to circle up, which the PAX did – Vers thought this was weird.):

YHC failed to read all of the instructions while starting to cook bar-b-que. YHC asked for advice from a more experienced member of the PAX, who suggested that a quick flip of the Q to her (YHC’s M) would help, and things were quickly straightened out. With that and a ton of advice, she re-earned her FO3 designation. Someone give the lady a tassel.

Back to YHC…

Out and Back’s (Evolution 1):

Slow Mosey…to and from the car. YHC and Vers carried items in bags or crock pots. 3 rounds.

Slow Drive-sy:

Drive to 180 Belt. Blvd. Try to find as much traffic as possible at 5 p.m. on an RVA Sunday.

Back and In’s (Evolution 2):

Reverso the previous exercise with the following modifications:

  1. Unload, and
  2. Add one round of stair walking (up AND down) as part of each evolution.

3 rounds.


Vers and YHC heated and served bar-b-que, mac-and-cheese, and veggies. Self-serve on the beverages. Cookies for dessert.

A minor scuffle was avoided when the Medical Q (Nurse) executed a Search and Seizure (or perhaps Search and Seizure Avoidance) Order against a resident who had absconded with 3 chocolate-infused cookies against doctor’s orders. The names – even the F3 names – were changed to protect the innocent (and to avoid any HIPPA Violations).


Vers crushed this, doing virtually all of the work OYO. Like when you and a partner do Dora 100-200-300 and the other guy has done all 100 merkins by the time you return from the first run. Well done.

Out and Back’s (Evolution 3):

Rinse, wash, and stack. Repeato. AYG.

PAX went down stairs with empty dishes, yet full hearts and full stomachs. 2 Rounds. Mission accomplished (no banners were flown).


Another successful evening of food and fellowship. Vers continues to crush this, each time taking on more and more of the responsibilities on her own. YHC estimates he’s down to 25-30% of the on-site work. Basically, YHC is eye-candy at this point. Way to go, Vers!

For any PAX who have not had a chance to do this as well as for the handful of PAX who have told YHC they would do this, but have not yet signed up (and you know who you are…), there are plenty of spots on the Q-sheet.


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