Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Weightmen Challenge


A mighty 10 strong showed up on bitter cold (Cerano’s car showed 29 degrees) beat down at Timberwolf. The weightmen challenge was on the menu. To make a long store short when YHC was in track the weightmen (shot put/discus) men would challenge the 4×400 relay team (They had to do exercise during relay while we just ran) to relay and if we won we got to run in the meet. This was a twist as in true F3 fashion we all did exercises (see below). Can you guess if I was a weightmen?

5:30 time to Mosey and get that heat flowing:


20 SSH, 10 DQ’s, 15 Jazercise, 15 Arm Circles, 10 Heli’s, 15 IW’s, 15 Merkins, 20 LBC’s. (YHC tries to pick exercises you can abbreviate). YHC may have had a few struggles with cadence but fear not he is going to meet with OC for cadence tutorials very soon.

The Beatdown:

Divide into 3 groups based on running speed: good, better, best. Group 1 (Honeymoon, POG, Dozey), Group 2 (DK, OC,Hermè, ) Group 3 (Duke, Nancy, Peedee). Can you guess which group was the faster group.

G3 Takes off running while G2 does 5 Burpee’s, G1 Al Gore’s until G2 finishes Burpees then does there 5. After Burpee’s take off running. All groups (at corners) do 10 Merkins, 15 WWII’s, 20 CHS’s. Try to catch the group in front of you! G3 completes there 5 merkins on return. Alternate between AG’s and Planks for the six. 3 rounds like that then switch to 20 merkins, 30 MC’s and 40 box cutters for 3 more rounds. YHC had to switch rounds 5&6 off mountain climbers to jump squats due to his shoe falling apart. To the tennis courts for a quick 20 merkin each Ring of Fire and back to the flag.

Always an honor to be able to lead, thank you all!

Dozey was breathing down my neck on the first couple laps. Duke was putting all that running to use and was finishing strong. Hermè may have jumped groups in the middle but was bringing it. Honeymoon had some left in the tank and was determined to leave it out there leading the last few laps. POG worked on his form to help him move from the 1/2 to the full marathon. Peedee great to see you continue to post. DK was pushing leading G2. OC let’s set up that tutor session.

Announcements: TYA Thanksgiving beatdown and Black Friday loop run (see pre blast). F3 day at Duke’s garage for Sunday Football. There may have been more..but YHC was cold and had brain freeze. YHC also needs to work on recording skills as he recorded nothing!

YHC took us out in prayer.


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  1. Nancy – Box Cutters at the end where the killers, they don’t seem like they are that hard until you have to do 40 or more at a time.