Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2019 Veteran’s Day Dogpile Tribute


YHC came in hot with 30 Seconds to start (Upchuck had the countdown) as we do not mess around with the start time. 23 Fellow F3 Brothers showed up in 26 degree weather to start the day. Here is how it went down this morning.


We moseyed to the lighted Amphiheater for our warm ups by the stage.

20 SSH, 10 DQ(slow with much mumble chatter), 10 Helicopters, 20 Freddie Mercuries, 10 4 count Harry Leg kicks on your back (think a reverse scorpion) and 15 4 count merkins (that is 30). <YHC was politely told by the PAX that YHC must keep track of the merkins.>


We moseyed to the bowl for 11’s starting with 10 Donkey kicks run down the hill and stop for 5 merkins, then run up to the top of hill other side by the trees and did 1 squat back down the hill and stop for 5 merkins then run to the wall at the top of hill for 9 DK’s continuing this rotation until one DK and finished with 10 Squats at the top of hill by tree line. We planked for the 6. (Merkin Count was 10 rotations of 5 merkins each way for a total of 100 Merkins). YHC had Bulkhead give a 20 count and 20, 15, 10 and 5 go time!

We moseyed to the cage in awesome daylight (no gloom now on this cold sunny morning). We performed the Cindy for 15 minutes and this consisted of Partners for this work out. Partner 1 ran from the Cage to Fire Hydrant and Back (timer), Partner 2 had this time to perform 5 pullups, 10 merkins and 15 squats. The timers were faster now with nice daylight to see around so there was no real rest between rotations, this worked out to about 7 rotations with me and Bodos (who was crushing the run) great partnering with you Brother. So that works out to 70 more merkins (PAX adjust as necessary with your team)

We then Moseyed to the Triangle for 1 lap of Lunges from crop circle to corner, run down hill 20 LBCs and Bernie Saunders to top of hill and do 20 Merkins (some of the PAX did 30 or 40 Merkins so count your reps accordingly). YHC turned it over to Lab Rat for the next phase.

We moseyed to the front of the War memorial Tower and formed a circle to where we were asked to perform 5 burpees for each Veteran from the PAX (This was 30 burpees and with the push up counts as 30 merkins). Lab Rat then asked for each person to name a Veteran and then the entire group did 5 merkins for this Veteran that was mentioned. The total merkin count for this effort was 23×5 = 115 more merkins. (I totaled 365 merkins for this day math <30+100+70+20+30+115=365>Lab Rat turned it over to Corned Beef and we moseyed to Flag to circle up for Numberama and Namerama.


YHC was truly honored to lead today and it was great seeing some returning faces for this special workout day. I really look forward to Saturday workouts as it gets the weekend off to a good start (857 Active calories / 993 total calories w/recovery burned today). This is the Fitness F. The Fellowship F is after the workout gathering and then to Ellwood Thompsons for Breakfast and it is a great time to get to know each F3 brother better. The Faith F is what grounds us, brings us to a peaceful place and we always close the work out here in the COT, arm in arm where you can feel the brotherhood. Slippin Jimmy took us out in prayer as he learned of some sad news of a close friend who lost their 1 month old son this morning. Thank you SJ, special today and you wrapped this up well (have sweat in my eyes now as I write this).

Finally, I have a special request to help remember the veterans that were mentioned today. Please post a reply with the Name you mentioned with any additional information so we can memorialize this special morning and Thank you Lab Rat for leading this portion of the workout.

I will see you all in the gloom….CB


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I grew up in Roanoke, Va. Class of 1985 Cave Spring High, class of 1989 VMI Civil Engineering. Worked for Turner Construction in Jacksonville, Miami and Cincinnati, Moved to Richmond, Licensed Class A contractor, and work for Westminster Canterbury Richmond managing their major expansion for the next 4 years. I am married to a Librarian Betsy (UVA grad) and proud father of two awesome teenagers George (aka Hash-F3) and Lucy.


  1. Great Q Corned Beef! Way to bring the pain today. I’m smoked. And it only took my 4 years to say the name Clarence Charles Patton at the Veterans Day workout and not cry. Make it a great one fellas.

  2. Living in New Mexico has apparently done wonders for Hardywood’s allergies. Excellent discovery.

    Nice Q today. 11s never disappoint, and the midway merkins added an extra little challenge.

    Way to continue one of my favorite F3 traditions, Lab Rat. Michael J. Nee, Sgt. US Army Air Corps would have approved.

  3. Nice Q corned beef. Ned would be proud.

    SGT David Ruhrer. KIA Mosul.
    SGT Nick Mason KIA Mosul