Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Gotta Be Friday


A skeptical nine struggled through the mental fog of the morning. Was it Friday run day? Turns out it’s Thursday.

Off to the side of the school for COP. Some Helicopters, Russian Soldiers, SSH, Don Quixote, and 20 WWII.

Over to the picnic area for 11s with abyss merkins on the picnic tables and Lt Dans. Swirly discusses the multitude of workouts one can do with a picnic table.

Mosey to the back track for 4 Corners.

Corner 1 – 10 dips

Corner 2 – 20 PLT

Corner 3 – 10 leg lifts on the bars

Corner 4 – 20 Boxing Cockroaches

Three times through.

Over to the wall for Chicken Peckers – work down the line and perform 10 when its your turn.

Time for a Triple Check

  • Partner 1 – Karaoke the blacktop, 3 burpees, and karaoke back
  • Partner 2 – Elbow Plank
  • Partner 3 – BTTW

Back to the flag for a quick ring of fire and Swirly takes us out.



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  1. Flatline and I were overachievers and did 20 each on 4 corners. Great to partner with you Flatline. See you Saturday!

    Nice lockjaw. LT Dans were a great pull from the way back machine.