Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The hard that is softer


Nine PAX posted in cool temperatures and on the last Daylight Saving Time morning of 2019 for GridIron. Spread out in the parking lot, pick a parking lot row (short line), and complete 1 Burpee and 5 SSHs. Jog to the end of the short line and do the same. Complete six rounds. Assemble in a circle for Invisible Jump Ropes, Hillbillies, Don Quixotes, Suzanne Somers(es), Off Tempo APDs, and some Arm Circles.

Line up and march west in Mobile Imperial Walker mode. Last guy runs to the front of the line Indian Run-style. Continue out to Pouncey Tract Road and take a right on the walking track – stop at the edge of Striker Park.

When last we visited Striker Park, the parking lot had a sand and gravel surface with spaces marked by horizontal wooden posts. Successful fundraising and solid contractor selection has transformed this lot into a smooth, well-marked surface with markings helpful to an F3 effort. We split into three groups of three and each group starting at the southern edge of parking columns with one group starting with 3 Merkins in each parking space, a second group completing 3 Squats in each space, and the third group completing 3 Rosalitas. Rotate into a different column and complete a different exercise coming back. Continue until all groups have completed the first three exercises.

Staying in our groups, move to the three remaining parking columns for different exercises – alternating, this time, 2 reps per space of, in different columns, Carolina Dry Docks, Two-Count Side Lunges, and Two-Count Flutter Kicks. With just a few minutes to spare, we jumped the ditch and headed around the Pickleball Courts to a picnic pavilion for one set of 25 Bench Kicks. Up and mosey back to the start. COT and YHC took us out. Coffeeteria at Einstein’s afterwards, as per usual.

Blue Moon is tackling the full Marathon in a couple of weeks. May shift GridIron closer to town so GridIroners can sweat and then take positions as spectators. Details later on workout shift.


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