Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy November, Let’s Destroy Our Arms


It’s the beginning of November, and that means the beginning of the Merkin Challenge, and that means a great day to have a shoulders/arms/chest/back beatdown. Here’s how it went down:

COP:SSHx25//Helipcopterx5//DQx10//Emperial Walkersx10//Russian Soldiersx10//LBCsx25// Crabcakesx10//Merkinsx10 (all in cadence)

Carrillon Field: Bearcrawl the width, 10 merkins, Crawlbear back // Polarbear across and back // Wheelbarrow across, 10 merkins, switch and come back

Big Triangle Loop: Run to the bottom, Bernie Sanders back up the hill, American Hammersx10//Squatsx10//Merkinsx10. 3 Loops (audible on 5 loops called after YHC realized we would be there til noon). PAX did 10 werkins and 10 diamonds as we waited for the six

Rusty Cage: partner up, 10 pull ups//10 jerkins x3.

Amphitheater: Start at the top step with 18 V-Ups. Shifted to WW2s at Step 15, shifted to LBCs at step 10. // 5 Box Jump Burpees at the bottom as we waited for the six. // Back up the Steps with Incline Merkins, 1 on Step 1, 2 on Step 2, and so forth, for a total of 170 Incline Merkins.

COP for the six, core exercises.

Sprint back to the flag. Numerama, Namerama. COT

NMS: So great to see Double Bag and Loveseat post today! Also Tadpole from Connecticut. It was an awesome temperature and so fun to be out there with all of you. I’m not entirely sure how many merkins we did, but I believe it was 300 if you count the jerkins (is that allowed?).



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  1. Solid Q today, Bodo’s. Well done. Well designed to progressively accumulate dew on hands, back, front, and caboose.

    Good to partner with Boberry and Wojo.

    ETs was exceptional today. Way to take charge, Handshake.

  2. Great work today Bodos, so many merkins I stayed warm in the cold wet weather. Enjoyed partnering with Garbage Plate on wheelbarrows and Double Mint with pull-ups and Jerkins. Was awesome to see some SOJ fellas. V ups, ww2 LBC to the stage and incline Merkins back up (1-18) were a great challenge. See you in the Gloom gents…CB