Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A tribute to Splinter


15 Redwoods posted on a beautiful fall morning. Weather was optimal for a run. Perfect conditions. Hill repeats was the call. Go up the hill to the main entrance of UR, take a right and make your way to intersection of 3chopt. Turn around and go back to the start. Each loop is just under 2 miles.


Lug is a beast. His running capability is only surpassed by his ability to drop weight. He is flying out there these days. Along the route today he passed YHC, Pucker, Shakedown and Lab Rat. He was chasing down EF Hutton at the end, but didn’t quite make it.

Bleeder was pounding the pavement on the way back on the first lap. YHC knew he was just behind him (but of course I never glanced back), so I boogied down the hill. Bleeder caught me just as we were hitting the parking lot. A fantastic effort on the downhill and a 8:30ish mile. YHC was perplexed when bleeder stopped at the bottom of the hill. Found out later that the bathroom was calling. Not sure if the speed down the hill was a rush to get to the bathroom or his competitive spirit trying to catch me?



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run gentlemen. This is the perfect time of year for running. Since the weather has changed, I am loving running again.

  2. Sorry I missed it. Repeats are good, no matter how long or short!

    See you guys soon. Maybe at 5:00am tomorrow.