Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Partner Day


17 total PAX members posted to NoToll this morning to see what kind of Gumbo was on the menu. It went a little something like this:

Mosey to the back parking lot and one lap around the lot waiting for the 5 LIFOs to arrive, then circle up for the following – all IC and all x19:

  • Jazzercises
  • Helicopters
  • SSHs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Tempo Merkins
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Alabama Prom Dates


Dora – mosey to the pavilion and find a partner for the first of several partner exercises. Partner 1 runs a lap around the field while Partner 2 starts the exercises. Flapjack and pick up where your partner left off until you complete, together, 100 box jumps or step-ups, 200 incline merkins and 300 2-ct flutter kicks.

Partner Work – find a new partner for:

  • Partner Sprints #1 – and head to opposite ends of the “wet” field. On “go” sprint to midfield and find your partner. Complete 10 boo-yah merkins and then 9 PLTs each. Then, sprint to the same end line and plank for the SIX.
  • Catch me if you can back to the bball courts – P1 does 2 burpees, P2 runs backwards. P1 sprint to catch P2 – flapjack and continue until you both reach the bball courts.
  • Partner Sprints #2 – line up on opposite sides of the bball courts. Sprint to middle area between 2 courts and do 10 boo-yah merkins and 9 PLTs each. Sprint back to your side and plank.
  • Partner Sprints #3 – sprint to middle area and do 10 Squerkins and 9 Wilson Boxing Cockroaches each. Plank for SIX.

Doracides – find a third and final partner and line up on the endline. P1 runs traditional suicide. P2 starts exercises. Flapjack and continue until the following exercises have been completed (or until time is called) – 100 jump squats, 200 LBCs, 300 SSHs

Mosey back to Flag for COT, Number-rama and Name-a-rama. YHC took us out with thankfulness for all our wonderful partners and friends in life.


  • Cash for Raise (and for Staches) – 8 days left. We are about $650 away from the goal. Let’s do this men! Donate and grow!
  • Hammers and Ales – see Viral or LugNut
  • Continued prayers for all PAX members who are dealing with tough times or family medical issues.


Wonderful morning at the plush NoToll fields. Thanks for letting me lead – it is always an honor. Thanks to Rosie, Herme and Tobit for great partnering today. And thanks to my M for 19 wonderful years of partnership on the homefront.

Well done this morning men. SYITG.

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Way to bring it today Gumbo! Looks like a solid workout. Anything with jazzercise has my interest and approval.