Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Please adjust my balls


A Fabulous Five gathered at Hoedown to start a new week. Here’s how it went down:

COP: SSHx25 // DQx20 // Helicoptersx10 // Armcirclesx15, Reverso // Lutinent Dans x10 // Merkins x10 // LBCsx15

Mosey to Third Church back parking lot

Four Corners: VUpsx10 // Hand Release Merkins x20 // Jump Squats x30 // WW2s x40.

Suicide Burpees: Run to the first parking line line, do 1 Burpee. Run back to the curb. Run to the second parking lot line, do 2 Burpees. And so forth, up to 10.

HUNGRY HIPPPOS: One man in each corner, crab walk to the center at which was stationed a baby pool filled with plastic balls, grab as many balls as possible, bear crawl back to the corner and desposit balls in bucket. Repeat for 5 minutes.

Mosey back to Tuckahoe lot.

COP: Flutterkicksx25 // American Hammersx25// LBCsx25

Namerama, COT.

NMS: YHC attempted a competitive game of human hungry hippos that devolved into chaos, much because the game was ill conceived by YHC, but also because Upchuck and Handshake were overtaken by their competitive instincts. YHC did not give precise instructions about how many balls were permitted for each trip to the center, which resulted in Upchuck stuffing all his clothing and orifices with as many balls as possible. This also resulted in many amusing quotes of the day, such as “Please adjust my balls,” “The balls are touching my nipples,” and “The sweaty balls are stuck to my back.” YHC will never attempt this again. Nor will YHC report to his church youth department that the church’s plastic balls were employed in this way.

Also, great to have Viral back!!


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  1. Great to be back and drag my way through an entire workout only to step on that stupid pony curb out front of the school and twist my bad ankle! 😀

    Do something nice for your Ms and take them out on a date this weekend to Hammers & Ales! You can buy tickets here:

    Or if you are a total cheapskate hit me up at bbassett [at] gmail and I see what I can do to help you out.



  2. I think it is safe to say if you want things to devolve quickly give Upchuck loose guidelines for a activity.

  3. With some clearer rules and perhaps the preemptive disqualification of Upchuck and Handshake it could work well. I was going to run it with wheelbarrow racing but we didn’t have a big enough Pax.

  4. Awesome to have you back, Viral. Glad to hear your health is back as well…we’ll have that bus loop removed by your next visit to Hoedown.

  5. This was great fun, Bodos. Not every new idea hits the first time – this idea has good bones. What about…a cap on the number of balls that can be moved, plus teams of more than 1, plus varying exercises? This could be tortuously awesome.

    And, we’ll have Handshake refrain from moving my bucket so close to the main pool that it’s super-easy for me to win.