Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I guess we’re on our own


Despite various arrival times there was a nice round PAX of 6 waiting for the Q to show up at 0530. No Wojo so YHC took the potato and ran the crew behind the school for a warm up that included EFH’s Jazzercize along with some various planking and other stuff.

6 pack of Pullups and Derkins at the playground

Doozy – To the parking lot for touch a pole – Partner up. 1 up to 5 poles, while partner does squats, then flutters, then American Hammers. Getting to 15 without repeating took some running and some planning ahead. PeeDee finally caught on after 3 rounds or so.

Loose Goose – More 4 corners, this time in the big parking lot – 15 merkins, 20 WWII, 25 Squats, 30 LBC. No time for a second round so he found some spots for us to repeat all of the above on the way back to the flag.

YHC checked the Q sheet earlier this week but Wojo had it locked down so no worries right. Not so fast, apparently with UNC playing VT this weekend he must have been afraid the Hokie presence would be too strong. That is was with Radar, Loose Goose and I holding down the AO for the Hokies. With the size of the AO we recommend getting there before 0530 as Sonic found out. He searched some previous haunting grounds but we may have circled each other because he only found us at the end. Tclaps for sticking around and getting some miles in.

Thanks for chipping in with the potato Goose and Doozy. PeeDee, BoBerry and Radar be prepared, the next potato could come your way. Excellent way to start a Friday.


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  1. Nice work fellas. Bummed I missed more Jazzercises. Not bummed I missed more merkins and 4-corners.

    Had to rest the knee today -its acting up.

    Someone put an APB out on Wojo…check Twitter.

  2. Yes, ran down to the parking lot of JRHS, then on down to the park along the main road in. Could only see by the light of the moon, and saw a couple deer run across 20 yds in front of me. Went a little further, and didn’t think y’all were down that far. Ran back to B Weaver listening to a distant train whistle. It was lonely not being in the gloom with y’all except for last few minutes. Will need to leave the fartsack with expediency in the future!