Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Blocks with Friends


Nine men, stallions one and all, refused to take a day off for Columbus, or anyone else who didn’t discover America, in order to spend their sunny and 70 morning at today’s edition of Hoedown. Here’s what Mr. Heshem says he witnessed:


Slow mosey two times around the horseshoe, then circle up in the main parking lot. SSHs, IMs, DQs, LBCs, FKs, and HRMs, then a quick set of arm circles to limber up for…


First, grab a cinderblock from YHCs van. Mosey to Flag. 11s…Derkins and Rosalitas. Run across small parking lot to complete the circuit.

On your six, elevate block, and six inches for the Six.

Mosey to the Wall:

Triple check…
First man has a choice make…two cinderblock-free laps around the horseshoe OR carry cinderblock up two short flights of steps and around to the wall? Decision-making in The Gloom can be tricky, but YHC is the kind of Q who believes in diversity, so try one round of each, decide which you like better, and do that one again for Round 3.

Partner 2 is doing Wonderbra with the coupon while also doing People’s Chair.

Partner 3 lifts block above chest while doing flutter kicks.

Blockee’s Loop

Keep that block close and mosey to the Flag. Do 3 blockees and run the loop. Repeat 3x. Eh, let’s make it 4 times. Check that, let’s make it 5 times.

Return blocks to van, and circle up for Mary. LBCs x40, 10 count APDs, and a Ring-of-Fire with reverse crunches while Merkins make the loop.

Number-a-ma, name-a-rama, YHC took us out.


Handshake won the Beer Mile, but who’s keeping track? Faceplant came in second. Greenbow learned that Gingerbeer stings.

Sign up for Breaking Bread. If you are not sure what this is, just make a simple dinner for 10 or so folks who can use some fellowship on a Sunday evening. You’ll be a better man for the experience.

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. Take a moment to remind yourself of what you have, and think about how to help someone who needs a lift – material, spiritual, or otherwise.


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  1. Thanks for letting me lead today.

    Good time at Starbucks as well. Lockjaw asked an intriguing question: which university has had the best combination of athlete and musician (or group) at one time? Candidates…UGA for Hershel Walker and R.E.M., for example.

  2. Upchuck always has goodies for the PAX when he Qs at Hoedown. I’m still intrigued by what Handshake and the M do with dozens of straws, hoping to find out at HBR tomorrow when not in mixed company…

  3. Upchuck, I liked your block party today and coffee was a nice opportunity to catch up with all.

    Those were a lot of straws that Handshake needed. I too would be interested to understand how that worked out.

  4. Good times friends! Was wishing my fingerless gloves had fingers. Good Q Upchuck. Sorry to miss coffee hour. SYITG

  5. Sorry, pal. Thought everyone heard my offer to share the 5 extra pairs of gloves I brought. Next time…feel free. “To preserve and protect.”

  6. Enjoyed it, Upchuck! Coupons are always a great way to start out the week.

    I’m grasping for straws trying to figure out which Chapel Hill artists emerged while MJ and LT were both at Carolina

  7. If you have to ask about the Straws then y’all wouldn’t understand…..

    Enjoyed coffee this morning. It somehow made Monday not feel so Monday.

  8. Call me old fashioned…why wouldn’t mouthwash, some hand soap, and a clean pair of socks be a better way to address the root problem?