Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You must have watched a lot of YouTube last night….


2 resisted the fart sack and showed up to get built up. Here is how it happened.

COP: SSH, LBC’s, Merkin (just one), arm circles, DQ, Imperial Walkers. Mosey back to parking lot, time to work. Each of the following exercises was done for 2 minutes, save the last couple, which were done for 3 minutes.

Straight leg KB crunch, followed by LBC’s (10 of each, then repeat until time)

while planking, reach through to get KB from opposite side, bring over for a renegade row, repeat

Do a 1 count American Hammer with KB, then 2 count without, bring KB to other side, 2 count without, repeat

Take a break with a walk around the loop, farmer or waiter carry

Power close row

on six, legs straight up, do crunch with KB pressing up at the top

alternating Y-Backs

on 6, holding KB straight up, leg raises

walk holding KB up to chin, elbows level with shoulders

demon crushers

lawnmowers, alternating arms

Mosey to flag, numberama, namerama, YHC took us out


YHC had been feeling a little soft in the core, so time for a dedicated back and ab workout. 3 exercises in Bulkhead requested (to YHC’s relief) that perhaps a brief break would be helpful, so audibled to the loop walk. YHC thought it might be a solo Q until Bulkhead rolled in, thankfully with his phone, as YHC forgot his and Mudface fartsacked, even though he was supposed to bring his magnet timer. Of course YHC wasn’t going to let that go without a comment! Great effort by Bulkhead, mumblechatter focused on kids in school and favorite action stars (Schwarzenegger and The Rock). Bulkhead also said the title of this backblast after looking at the list of exercises. Yes, I did, and some of these people with YouTube channels are pretty strange.

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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