Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There is no substitute for preparation


YHC, in an effort to free Saab from the cortisone-high heavy load of writing BB for yet another City of Richmond run, signed up for the Q, somewhat last-minute, and began preparation late Monday night. Then, only seconds later, fell asleep.

Awoke to sunny and 70 weather, picked up the also-last-minute FNG (who insisted on a run as his first workout), made our way to the gloom, and we were on our way.

The Run / Thang

Your Q was excited to plan a route cutting from campus to Roselawn to Grove, but the mob PAX insisted it was closed, flooded, too dark, under construction, infested by angry CCV bears, I dunno. So anyways, the route I had labored over for hours was abandoned for something similar / simpler / safer.

Depart on Richmond Way east, stay left on Gateway.

Right at stop onto Campus to Three Chopt, cross Three Chopt and continue on Towana Path / Henri to Grove.

Left on Grove, 4 milers turn around at Oak (actually ~4.4 miles), 5 milers turn somewhere just past that (Wisteria / Bunting?), 6 mile man/machine hybrids turn at Mary Munford.

On the way back, reverse, with the additional challenge of dodging Seal Team runners not paying attention on Towana Path.

Numbera, Namearama, welcome to FNG Double Fault.

No announcements (or at least none that I allowed) and YHC took us out.


Well, they can’t all be this perfect, fellas.

For my 3rd Q, attempted to fill a spot that had been empty a few weeks in a row, but the PAX, surprised to see someone actually volunteering to Q Spider Run, successfully performed a coup.

In my post-run, 4-miler PR fog (and attempting to get DF home on time), YHC tested the PAX by completely skipping announcements, and tried to skip taking us out, but alas the PAX stepped up and roped me back in to close us out.

By far, this was the most well-prepared Spider Run Q I’ve experienced in my few visits there.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great run guys !
    Nice to have cool air and a bit of rain ..
    See y’all in the gloom ..

  2. Also, first time I’ve done a 4 mile run with average mile < 9 min (maybe that's why I was so excited I skipped over everything at the end..) Appreciate the encouragement on the runs, brothers.

  3. No doubt that was THE most organized and well-instructed route I have experienced since my last visit to Spider Run.