Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



8 strong dudes made it out this morning for a perfectly beautiful day at Daville.

COP — arm circles, jack squats, AST’s, heels to heaven and tabletops

Light post run — alternate between 5 merkins and 5 WW2’s every light post towards the back of the AO.

mini hill in the back —
DORA — one partner lunges up and runs down the other does the following (single counts on all)
100 AST’s
200 flutter kicks
300 mountain climbers

stay on the hill for a triple, wait, make that a quad check (thanks Marco Polo for the idea)
1 — bernie up, run down
2 — twisty jumps
3 — smurf jacks
4 — HRM’s

run back towards the flag — make some pit stops along the way

1) pole smokers. hold 6 inches, one person does ten leg lifts and then runs to the end. Keep going until all are done.
2) to the wall — 25 Donkey kicks, bear crawl to sidewalk, bear crawl back, 20 more donkey kicks

run to the flag, where we did some heels to heaven and one solitary DQ just for Emoji (his favorite)

NMS — Sometimes writing these BB’s is stressful for YHC. YHC could talk about Emoji and how he wouldn’t stop talking this morning and giving YHC lots of trash talk. At one point, YHC asked him if he wanted to lead this morning. That shut him up (for about thirty seconds). Emoji also wanted a cool down period. Umm… sorry — more donkey kicks for you. enjoy. YHC could talk about the fact that he left a soaking wet seat for his bride this morning after the workout and how she really didn’t appreciate that when she had to drive the car. oops. YHC didn’t even know it was wet until i got outside this morning. Didn’t know what that stuff was falling from the sky. Fun times this morning had by all. Glad Fannie Mae came back out — nice to see Scrum again as well.


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