Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Running vs Driving


4 Hardwoods arrived at Batteau for a morning Beatdown.

Mosey to Tennis Courts

COP – 20X SSH, 10X Merkins, 10X Don Quixote, 25X LBC

Mosey to pick up Stones, Pair up, run and Arm Curls etc. 4X

Mosey to playground, 5x Pullups, 10X incline Merkins, 15 X Dips – repeat 3x

Mosey to Tree line along maintenance road- 5x Hand Release Merkins – run to every tree & repeat, Return with Lunges, 15 x WWII and 15x Knee bends, alternating at each tree.

Mosey back to Tennis Courts – 4 corner, 10x Flutter Kicks, 10X Heels to Heaven, 10x LBC’s, 10X Box cutters, repeat 3 times.

Agility drills on one leg



With a solid three guys at the COP, YHC was thinking triple check city for the entire workout, and we discussed if we had seen Sippy crossing the nickel bridge on the way in this morning. Sip always arrives running in about 30 seconds prior to launch; however, today Sippy’s arrival was slightly delayed. He drove. It did beg the question, which is faster driving or running. Sippy did explain that he had gotten up early to get ahead on work and decided to drive; but the Professor had limited knowledge on the time and distance when it came to traveling by car; especially when factoring an empty fuel tank and no Smart tag.

Bleeder out


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