Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s an EMOM?


12 admirable and able men showed up for the OC experience. One never knows quite what will happen when YHC’s name appears on the Q sheet. Today was no different. There were a few ups and downs, but in summary – there were laughs, YHC got the cadence and workout mostly correct and we got a decent workout in. We’ll call it a win.

The PAX departed 1 minute early and they were sure to let YHC know of the early start time. Grumbling aside, a short mozey down the hill to the field for warmup. Just after the warmup began Hermie, Nancy Lopez and Mousetrap come jogging down the hill and joined the PAX. No doubt their late arrival was part of an elaborate plan to sabotage YHC’s warmup/cadence. I suspect Nancy Lopez as the lead saboteur. An investigation is underway.

Warmup Exercises included: Side Straddle Hops, Don Q’s, Windmills, Armcircles big and small/forward and backwards. YHC threw the first curve ball counting off 16 reps for the group on the arm circles. Yes, IT WAS 16 ROSIE!

Following warmups, a short mozey to the goal line for the EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute). This workout is 1 minute of exercise, 20 second plank recovery (repeat 8 times). In between sets (8ish exercises are in 1 set), complete the dirty burpee (or dirty OC, not sure if that one is going to stick). The PAX completed a series of 1 minute exercises; YHC doesn’t remember all that he called out at this hour of the day. There were Merkins, World War II’s, Bus Drivers (deep knee bend + drive the car), Wide Merkins/Diamond Merkins, Tricep Merkins, Alabama Prom Dates, Heisman + Jump, Jump Rope + High Knees, Hip Dips, J-Lo’s.

After the first set, we completed the dirty burpee. Partner up and as 1 partner is executing a full burpee, the other person is in a deep knee bend and spells the name of his partner with his hips. Alternate until 40 burpees are completed. Special emphasis encouraged for those PAX members with an “i” in their name. Yeah boy, dot that i.

Overall, the PAX completed 2 rounds of EMOM’s, 1 lap mozey (a Mousetrap suggestion) and then a mozey back to the flag for the ring of fire (10 reps of your favorite sit up). Maybe we ended at 614…maybe we ended at 615.

Numberrama, Namearama with YHC taking us out.

PAX members who experience Dr. TryHard’s beatdown at NoToll Tuesday were ready for something a bit on the lighter side. Hopefully the PAX enjoyed the EMOM style workout. Thank you for letting me lead!


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  1. Good work OC!

    Make sure you tag the AO “Source of Truth” in the backblast post to keep Big Data happy. (It may be hard to find if posting from the mobile site)

  2. Always enjoy an OC workout. Liked the variety. I wish you would not call out “recover in plank”. That is no recovery. As far as said investigation who’s is a total “witch hunt”. There was no collision. This the fake news media.

  3. Well done OC!…Nice change of pace. I would not have called this workout “a bit on the lighter side”.