Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Maybe there is a beast… maybe it is only us.


11 prime dudes. 1 great morning.

Welcome to Tuesday with a slaughter starter of 10 burpees.

COP — DQ, hillbillies, helicopters, IJR, rotating merkins, sideways bear crawl half way round the circle, rotating merkins, IJR, helicopters, hillbillies, DQ

The beast — merkins, jump squats, ww2 situps, smurf jacks, american hammers, burpees

To the bus loop for CMIYC — one partner bear crawls, the other does 7 merkins then catches up. At half way point, switch to lunges and 10 jump squats

Head back towards the flag — on the way there stop and do flutterkicks and writing backwards alphabet.

1 minute left back at the flag — so 1 minute of american hammers OYO

Numbers, Names, Announcements

NMS — YHC hadn’t done the beast in a while, so it was time to break it out. The beast did not disappoint, but the PAX crushed it. Strong work, gentlemen! You vanquished the beast. Speaking of beasts, YHC is of the belief that we all have mini-beasts inside us. Things that keep us from unlocking our ultimate potential as a human being on this earth. Things that drag us down, chew us up and spit us out. Things that weigh heavy on our hearts and cause us to slip into constant anxiety mode. The beast for everyone of us is different. Conquering that mighty beast is a lifelong task that never really goes away. How do we conquer it? Discipline. and good friends. friends who aren’t afraid to tell you when you are screwing up. friends that hold you up and hold you accountable. YHC is glad for those friends and for F3 as well. Love you guys.



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