Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

27 Minutes for Partner work


8 PAX were ready to go at 5:30 at Heartbreak Ridge on a beautiful fall morning. With one PAX needing to depart early we had a set time for some partner work to knock out:

COP in the grass: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters, Merkins, Heels2Heaven, Scorpion Kicks. Head to end of field: Partner up for Wheelbarrow across the field. Plank up & set of Pickle pounders at the end.

Down to Heartbreak Hill: Dora 123 of 100 Merkins, 200 American Hammers, 300 Jump Squats (audible at 150). Then over to Jerkin Gym for 4 sets of 8 Jerkins, just in time for Handshake to finish and him head home to his waiting M. The rest of the odd pax now did: Benchkicks & Derkins: 30/10, 40/15, 50/20. Head over to end of track grass section for quick mary: LBCs, Hello Dollys, pickle pounders. Back to parking lot: Follow the Arrows – 5 HRMs at each arrow, alternate Bear Crawl & lunges around lot. Back to flag for time: Flutterkicks until 6:15.

NMS: YHC arrived to see Handshake knocking out laps on the track. Asking him how much time we had with him there he responded an exact 5:57 so we had that much time with an even 8. We had to do the COP on the field since the ground was 100% dry with no dew, a rarity for HBR.

Several groans were heard off the bat as the Wheelbarrow the field started. Atilla was a beast on his section not leaving much work for YHC. Good to see Cobal back out in the Gloom. P-Trap appreciated the Pickle Pounder work as he needs the practice for his upcoming nuptuals. Maybe a trip to the Honeymoon Suite (gloom style) is in order in the next month if he posts again soon.

Garbage Plate was happy to get all of his favorites in: Scorpion Kicks, Benchkicks, and Bear Crawl. YHC always takes requests…


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  1. Strong Work HoneyDo. As a man of similar status as P-Trap…. I’m encouraged knowing I have another 7+ months of practice before the Big Day.

  2. I enjoyed all 27 minutes of partner work, Honey Do! It was fantastic to see dry earth at Heartbreak. I don’t know about you but my forearms are even more so now than they were this morning. Those Tires from yesterday have my firearms screaming!

  3. I could barely hang on during the Jerkins cause my forearms were spent from Goose tire flipfest yesterday.