Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Split Tomato


YHC was excited to get the week going with a Tomato Run and we had a group of 3 and 2 running two different routes. Here is how it went down:

Mud Face and No Idea started on a route that YHC scope out on a bike last week where they leave Atlee High school and go over the train tracks and take a right to the dead end spur road return to Atlee station Road to church and return, this is a mile and hilly so should be able to get in 3-4 trips, they returned and went through the sprinklers for relief.

Trout, Marco Polo and YHC ran behind Atlee High school to Honey Meadows to the cut thrpugh to Kings Charter to Ivy Banks Road and Back and that equated to 4 miles. Marco Polo kept the pace fast and ran ahead and we had to flag him down a couple of times to make the correct turns, he chose to run in front of the schools while Trout and YHC ran behind and we met up at the end.

Numberrama and Namerama

We discussed the IronPax Challenge and the new venue change from the Creek, look for an update from Spit on the change in the News Section.

YHC took us out and have a great day folks! CB


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