Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ode to Q’s Past


10 studs posted for a) the Return of UpChuck Q, yet unexpectedly found b) Fireman Ed’s Best Pick-Up Lines of the 80’s, 90’s and Today. Temps were (actually), clear and 70, thanks for asking.

Mosey to the Third Church parking lot for the COP, consisting of:

SSHs x25
Burpees (for the Redskins victory total) x0 (Yeah, pretty sure that’ll stand today)
IW’s x15
DQ’s x10
HRM’s x10
LBC’s x20
Scorpion Kicks x15 (apparently Loose Goose calls these “Nipple Lickers”)

Mosey to the TES Sign Board for Crawl-a-Dora

50/50-200-300…each partner does 50 merkins, then partners continue the traditional Dora for 200 4-count flutter kicks and 300 monkey jumpers. “Runner” bear crawls from Lindsey (the street, not the exercise) to the TES sign. Run back.

“Let’s go over here” to the Teacher’s Parking Lot for Parking Space Torture:

Starting in the first space, perform a stack of exercises in each space on the row. First row, the PAX did 5 merkins followed by 5 HRMs per space. Roughly 10 spaces.

Audible for second row…5 Hello Dollys, 5 Rosalitas, and 5 reverse crunches per space. 10 spaces.

Add 3 burpees at the end for the space that’s not a parking space on the end.

Mosey BTTF.

Finish with Ring of Fire. 10 merkins while PAX holds plank.

Announcements: YHC completely spaced on the announcements and, like his friend LabRat, apologizes.


On Saturday morning at roughly 6:45, YHC was mulling over the following: 1) since F3 RVA turned 5, what would be a good tribute for YHC to offer? and 2) should YHC vomit on Rosie during Swirly’s Burpee Beast, or just pass out?

YHC decided on an Ode to some of YHC’s earliest Q’ing influences…Bleeder (Day 1), Honey Do (YHC’s recruiter), and Chum Bucket, the eponymous Q from so many Punishers (currently and many during YHC’s first year). The result was something including a bunch of bear crawls (Bleeder), Scorpion Kicks and that devious little hill on Lindsey (Honey Do), and a ton of parking space work (Chum), which should never be as challenging as it is. Thanks, fellas, for 3.5 years of Qing.


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  1. Thanks for the nostalgia Q. Didn’t take me back quite as far as the mention of Fri Cheers at the coliseum.

    Handshake, I give your performance a “hard 3”.

  2. Great Q Upchuck. I especially enjoyed the extra time giving instructions so that everyone knew exactly how the dora was supposed to work. That and the constant late addition: “oh yeah, 4 count”.

    The polar bears were especially brutal.

  3. YHC aims for clarity over brevity. And, he respects that short the polar bear runs strong in the tall one.

  4. Thinking back, the context of what I was saying with the addition of the word “hard” was not the best description….

  5. I rolled. I’m pretty sure LG did scorpion kicks. Splinter did polar bears. DTH used the correct method of going between spaces, but went to the wrong parking space, and yet he arrived on time nonetheless and was welcomed with open arms by the occupants of said incorrect space.