Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Eveybody crap yo pants!


COP — SSH, butt kickers, high knees, helicopters, crab cakes, cherry pickers, KB windmills, KB presses, KB lumberjacks

Head to the Busloop for some four weird corners —
40 goblet squats
30 squat and curls
20 squat curl and press
10 merkins

and another one…
10 bob and weave
20 halos
30 KB swings
40 snatches

Head to the wall —
10 DK’s bear crawl to the other side of lane and do 10 renegade rows
Increase to 15
Increase to 20

Circle up for some Mary time…
Merkin ring of fire 10 each
Then various and sundried exercises including burpees and boat canoes plus others YHC can’t remember….

Numbers, Names, Announcements
YHC’s band plays Saturday night at Castleburg Brewery from 7-10. All are invited if not at the retreat.

Talk today centered around Mudface and his urgent need to go to the bathroom. Thankfully everything held up okay during the workout. The PAX was worried though. Trout volunteered to scoop and bag if the need arose. See you in the gloom!


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