Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I’m in the weeds here


With a gathering of 7 healthy men arriving at Batteau this morning and no one that would claim the Q seat a hot Potato was called and Sippy cup grabbed the reigns.

COP: Sippy Cup

Mosey to the Pickle Ball Courts – Side line to side line slow Bear Crawl and stretch the legs out, back was a Sippy Cup special (not sure what to call it) stand and scoop as you lung forward stretching the back of your legs, to the other side slow high knees, back butt kickers, and sprints back and forth (X9) on Sippies command. Finish out with Plank and 6″ variations.

Mosey to the side field or what I am calling Death Valley: Face Plant

100’s – Exercise (X100) first person finished calls 100 PAX (finished or not) runs down into the valley up to the other side, said person calls next exercise (X100) Repeat (X9). The same exercise can not be called and the same person can not call the exercises. To the best of my memory this is how it went but not necessarily in this order. SSH, Monkey Humpers, Flutter Kicks, Squats, LBCs, Mountain Climbers, 100 second Plank, shoulder touches and American Hammers. With only seven people and nine exercises a couple people doubled up.

Don’t mosey but the potato was passed to Bodos

Elevens on Death Valley – 10 Jump Squats run down hill and back up for 1 Burpee. You know the drill, Repeat and reverse until you are at 1 Jump Squat and 10 Burpees.

Mosey back to the flag: Doozy

Gather at the circle partner up (one with a bum shoulder) so what YHC had in mind wouldn’t work scramble to make it up as you go along. 6 of 7 partner up and go to 4 points of circle, 5 partner sit and stands run the circle repeat after 2 or 3 of these YHC audibles to Booyah Merkins and run the circle until times up.

Numbers/Names YHC took us out


If you are the one caught with the potato at the end of the game you write the BB. Yah me!!

It was a great morning for a hot potato, YHC was running behind and came into AO a little hot. Glad to see that the start was a bit delayed (by seconds) while the hot potato decision was made. Thanks Sippy Cup for being the leader and taking charge.

Death Valley is so named because you could get lost in the plush meadows of tall weeds that Richmond tax dollars are not being used to mow. I hope we don’t end up with Chiggers. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Chiggers, they are a tiny mite that lives in tall grass and lay their eggs in warm-blooded animals that pass through their living space. The larvae cause skin irritation, so if you’re itchy and have small spots on your arms and legs, blame Face Plant.

Notes and Prayers:

Camp out – September 21 – 23

For BRR brothers

For all those that are going through tough times right now, if God is with you who could be against you?


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  1. Great work this morning, have a great day, live with purpose and let the light shine through you being an example to those around you.

  2. Thanks for making me paranoid about chiggers. And thanks Doozy for being an example to us of peaceful perseverance in the middle of uncertainty. Great morning with you guys.

  3. I hate chiggers! Although I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any at Batteau, so hopefully we’re safe. We ended up with around 2 miles of distance covered today, almost all up and down those hills. It was the hardest jog home I’ve had from Batteau.

    Good work, guys!

  4. It was nice to get to know you a bit more today, Doozy. I was impressed with the honest way you are handing a difficult situation.