Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

more time on the playground


7 lucky guys showed up to find out about lindsay and spend some time on the playground.


  • DQ, helicopters, Russian Soldiers, copperhead squats, speed skaters, diamond merkins, gas pumps (for mudface bc he needed to let it go)

Lindsay — 10 mountain donkeys, run up hill 30 ww2 situps
15,25 etc. etc. etc.

Triple check — reverse crunches on swings, burpees, run to the playground dome, climb up and raise a fist to the air, come back down and run back to swingset

10 swing merkins

5 push out swing planks

4 corners of track — 10 merkins, 20 SSH, 30 AM Ham, 40 LBC’s — run long side of track, bear crawl short sides

Merkin ring of fire — 7 each, times up!

Numbers, Names, Emoji took us out

NMS — YHC loved the playground as a kid. More playground exercises to come in the future, much to the chagrin of the PAX. Climbing the dome was fun and a little slippery for some reason. Probably all the humidity in the air this morning from Dorian. Fun times had by most! Peace.



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