Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to School Special


17 gathered in the gloom at 45MOM this morning. In honor of all our kids returning to school, YHC decided to organize our routines around modifications of classic playground recess games. Here’s how it went down:

COP: SSHx25 // DQx20 // Helicoptersx10 // LBCsx15 // American Hammersx15 // Crabcakesx15

1st Playground Game: HOT LAVA: Triple Check. Partner 1: Hot Lava (Abyss) Merkins // Partner 2: WW2s on the tables // Parter 3: 2-count High Kneesx50

2nd Playground Game: FOUR SQUARE: Teams of 4 in each 4-square court, 1 guy in each square. 10 merkins, then shuffle counter clockwise to the next square. 10 wide grip merkins, then shuffle. 10 diamond merkins, then shuffle. 10 hitchhikers.

3rd Playground Game: STEAL THE BACON: Mosey to the field. YHC calls out a number 1 through 10, Pax then sprints to the tree of said number, performs said number of burpees, then sprints back to the start line. YHC then calls another number, and so forth.

4th Playground Game: DODGEBALL: Mosey to tennis courts, divide into 2 teams. Classic Dodgeball. If hit, run to the end of the courts, perform 5 burgess, run back and re-join the game. Team wins with most number of players on the court at the end of the time. Pax played 2 games, both games tied. Trophies for everyone!

Mosey back to the Flag for COP: LBCs // Heels to Heaven // Rosalitas // 6 inches

COT: Numberama, Namerama. YHC took us out.

NMS: It was pretty dark for dodgeball, but just light enough to see the ball whizzing toward your face. Good fun all around. Welcome Shaka from Charleston, evacuated here for the hurricane. Prayers for you and Charleston. Great work men!


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  1. Great job Bodos! Dodgeball was a nice touch. Next time we need the classic red balls that make their familiar echoing sound as they strike their victim.

    Glad to see Shaka today. Shaka is from Midlothian and graduated from James River HS with me.

  2. Nice Q, Bodo’s. Any arm muscles not destroyed on Wednesday are now officially gone.

    I do always enjoy your enthusiasm, whether encouraging the Pax to practice our burpees before a burpee-fest or to keep our ankles off the ground as part of mary. And, dodgeball was excellent.

    Nice to partner with Slippin Jimmy and Hardywood.

  3. It was a great one Bodo’s and have now relegated to typing with my tongue as i can no longer lift my arms.

    It was fun to play dodgeball, except when Upchuck touched my balls.

  4. Thanks, pal. And, I’m taking Hardywood to the eye doctor’s today. We’ll get that problem fixed.

  5. Good to hear. Don’t want to assume “all bald guys look the look the same” to him. #baldbias