Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One Doozy of a year


One year ago today YHC showed up at No Toll to post for the first time. It was a beat down by Gumbo called Ole Glory and it was magnificent.

10 strong showed up at S.O.T. for YHCs 1 year anniversary and this is how it went down.

Start right where we where, sitting two year old’s? Afraid not but on your 6 for some leg stretch’s. First legs spread lean forward, right side then left. On to the usual suspects DQ’s, Helicopters and Cherry Pickers.

Mosey to the bus loop for some curb work, Bear Crawl to the opposite side Incline Merkins, Crab walk back Decline Merkins (10 times each X3)

Mosey to teacher parking lot for some four corner (prostitute) leg work. Corner 1 Ball Dippers (X10 EA side) back to start, repeat corner 1 then corner 2 squats (X20) back to corner 1 then to start, corner 3 monkey humpers corner 4 calf raises. follow the same pattern for each corner.

Mosey to side of school for lunges to door number 7 regardless of what number light the Q says. Backwards lunges to the corner.

Mosey down the stairs to the football field, partner up. Boyah merkins (X10), alternating leg tosses partners lay head to head grab each others wrists and alternate leg lifts (X10 EA), Back to back partner stands lock arms push against each other stand and then sit (X10) repeat all exercises (X3)

Mosey to the grass hill for 11’s start with 1 squat run up the hill for 10 calf raises so on and so forth.

Mosey to the indoor outhouse for 1 minute of wall sits, right over left then left over right. High knees up the hill back to the flag

Numbers/names Mouse Trap took us out

NMS – Thank you to all my F3 brothers who have made this one of the best years of my life. It has been rough on me and my family but you guys have made a difference in me that I can never repay. Show up, don’t be afraid to ask for prayer and you will find more support than you ever thought you would have or need.


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  1. DTH – Poker night see previous BB for details
    September camp outing
    Summer tour patches see Shakedown

    Prayers –

    OC and Family
    Viral and family
    Doozy and interview
    All our F3 brothers are going through things that they may not even think they need prayer for but as God is my witness there is power in prayer and when two or more come together, no one can break it. No thing is too big or too small for our God.

  2. Congrats on 1 year Doozy, happy you have stuck with us after experiencing Old Glory on day 1. Sorry to miss this Q but the tapering and extra sleep was needed.

  3. Great workout Doozy! Congrats on 1 year! You’re killing it!

    After this, I’m not coming to your year 2 Q. Year 1 Q was a beatdown! The Prostitute leg work destroyed my legs, and then we did 11’s on the hill! My legs were jello after that.

    Really liked the partner work – way to mix it up.

    I think you missed an opportunity to use the back to back partner exercise as a metaphor in the BB (though I think you hit on the sentiment in your comments about prayer): Something might be really hard to do on your own, but when an F3 brother is there to support you, it becomes achievable (or bearable).

  4. What a great workout Doozie. Completely forgot about curb crawls……………….I think I might have blacked out during the 11’s. I really loved the exercises on the field. THey will return soon. Best squats ive everdone thanks to Don Draper! Congrats on the anniversary and look forward to seeing you in gloom for many more…….