Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Billy Madison back to school


A Tobit Q at NoToll certainly means a lot of running. Exactly what YHC thought when I got word yesterday that Tobit was feeling a little under the weather and wanted to make sure he was full speed for his first BRR. Dr. Tryhard has been searching the Exicon recently for some fun new things so why can’t I. Quickly found the Billy Madison and back to school we went.

A little indecision on the part of the Q veering toward the normal parking lot circle but changing course to the field for COP. It was a little dark back there but the LIFOs found us eventually. COP with DQ, Helicopters, SSH, IW, Arm Circles and LBC.

Mosey to the corner of the field for Billy Madison. Start with 12 squats, run a lap. Next 12 squats, 12 merkins, run a lap. Next 12 squats, 12 merkins, 12 plank jacks, run a lap. There’s a pattern here if you haven’t caught on. Every other lap was an indigenous people run versus OYO to keep Fresh Price closer to the group. Additional exercises were Mountain Climbers, Monkey Humpers, Werkins, Alternating Shoulder Taps, SSH, Flutter Kicks. Only got through 9th grade today, fitting since my 2.1 is starting his freshman year.

After the last lap, pick up the 6 and mosey back to finish out with some Mary. 1-leg APDs, Dollies and Freddie Mercuries.

Welcome to NoToll Handy Manny. He was EHed for the convergence yesterday and made it back for day 2 quickly. Hope to see you back again soon. Welcome back to OC, good to see you back in the gloom. Hope the 2.0s all have a great first day of school.


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  1. Way to fill the Tobit sized hole in the Q sheet this morning Rosie, we all hope Tobit is feeling better soon. Good luck to all the BRRers stay safe, remember in through the nose out through the mouth and don’t take any wooden nickles.

  2. Solid beat down, Rosie. Fresh Prince and Doozy simply t-obliterated the rest of us…except Posh. Someone has been eating his Wheaties over the past year. Well done.