Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How about some side straddle hops and WWII situps?


20 determined alpha males posted for a mild workout on a lovely Thursday morning.

The Thang

Mosey to bus circle. Ascending/descending curb crawls to five. Mosey to corner, 20 SSH, 10 Don Quixotes, 20 LBC, 10 windmills, and 16 imperial walkers, Mosey down grove towards 3 chopt. Take a left into the alley behind the apartments, stopping to do some more merkins. Mosey the parking lot at First Pres Church (I can’t possibly spell presbyterian correctly). Teams of three for a triple check, run the parking lot, SSH and WWII setups. Mosey to parking spaces for a prisoner round or 4, merkins, copper head squats, jump squats and WWII situps. Mosey to other side of parking lot. Teams of two, one guy runs across the parking lot backwards both ways, other guys does monkey jumpers (thanks Splinter) . Mosey to back parking lot for a triple check. Run around the lot, WWII, and you guessed it SSH’s. Mosey to corner of Grove. 10 SSH and 10 WWII on your own. Back to the shovel flag and finish the beatdown.


Great work today guys. Yesterday at the BRR meeting someone mentioned I was Q’ing today and someone asked which church we were going to, Reveille or Dover Baptist. I woke up at 3am today and couldn’t fall back to stleep, so I had to find another church to go off site to. So on the way to the AO, I scouted out First Pres. Good news is there is plenty of parking lot there, bad news, there is almost no grass at all.

Lots of mumble chatter once I got stuck on the SSH and WWII setups. Therefore, I decided that I would keep with the exercises since everyone seemed to like them. By the end some of the PAX were convinced I was trying to make some kind of point about the merkin workout last week – not true. Others, folks that I thought were veteran leader type guys (SAAB and ROSIE in particular) just wanted to complain. The complaining did nothing but make more steadfast in my commitment to these two exercises (Swirly I am sure liked the consistency and commitment).

Great to meet Butterfly this morning. Dude had “Doctor Brooks” as a professor at VCU. He wholly endorsed “Doctor Brooks” professing skills. As such, a bunch of the PAX spent ten minutes trying to discredit “Doctor Brooks” (lots of talk about his Seinfeld shoes, upright alabama prom dates, and other of his unique approaches to exercise). Roxanne also posted for his second workout at Mary. Good to have him back out there.

Little bit of a crisis at the end the workout as Rosie could not get his car started. We were at a little bit of a disadvantage because neither Bleeder or Lug were there to rescue the situation. Being good learners though, we did hydrate the battery and reset the ground. To no avail, Rosies vehicle would not start. Since the auto parts store opened at 7am, he was shuttled there for a new battery. His car did start and he was able to get it to a shop, but his power steering wasn’t working. It was hilarious watching him try to wrestle his car through a three point turn to get out of the parking lot.

Great day to Everyone. TYA OUT


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  1. Great workout TYA, always pleased to offer my incessant mumble chatter and color commentary…you’re welcome.

    I like it when I can merge a boot camp with my semi annual church visit.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Think I’m still doing SSH;s ….. Jeez !
    Glad you are OK Rosie – sorry about the car situation – freaken cold cranking amps …..

  3. As one of your so called “veteran leader type guys” I think you confused my and Saab’s concern for the rest of the PAX, general ability to heckle the Q, and commentary on the lack of creativity with complaining. Always a pleasure to attend a TYA church field trip.
    Thanks to those who helped me out with the car trouble, I’m just glad this wasn’t another merkin fest, if it was I would have struggled to get home without power steering.

  4. Gotta love a good predawn TYA church tour coupled with circle running induced dizziness. Great to see Splinter back out in the fold. I’m glad Rosie got the cruiser up and running.

  5. Ha! Don’t forget lighted shoes! Great to see Butterfly out again. Yeah, that “Doctor Brooks” stuff needs to go!