Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fartsack or Q, HMMMM?


It was a dark gloomy night with thunderstorms threatening and YHC had to decide – should I just Fartsack it for SOT, I mean I’ve finished the Summer tour! I know, I’ll sign up for the Q then I have to post.

8 other suspicious looking characters joined YHC and this is what went down.

Mosey to the teachers / bus lot for COP

Cherry Pickers, Don Q’s, Helicopters,Hillbillies, LBCs and possibly some others but I can’t remember any.

Mosey to back loop around school, lung to the bright light (Tobit), backward lung to the next light

Mosey to the bottom of the hill near the indoor outhouse. Doozy’s new favorite exercise, Man Killers. YHC screwed up the cadence so the PAX was punished 5 burpies OYO.

Tripple Check

Partner one Chicken Peckers, Partner two Squats, Partner three run the hill (X3)

Mosey to the track for a Wilson style one mile relay. 4 teams of 2 split up to go to 1/4, 1/2,3/4 & 4/4 points on the track while YHC gets the party started. Exercises are 1/4 spot Merkins, 1/2 spot LBCs, 3/4 spot Mountain Climbers and 4/4 spot squats. all PAX work their exercises while YHC runs to 1/4 spot 1/4 goes to 1/2, 1/2 goes to 3/4 and so on and so forth. Wilson is still trying to figure out how that was a mile run but we have a couple math geniuses in the PAX that laid it all out for him. After all completed all their spots which equaled one lap we met in the middle of the field for 5 burpies OYO.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill, one burpie to start run up the hill one burpie for victory over the hill, run to the bus loop one burpie for speed and run to the flag one burpie to finish.

YHC was getting his phone and Rosie felt short changed at 6:13 so American Hammers (?) and the Alphabet where in order.

Numbers/names YHC took us out

Lots of prayers needed, just pray for all your brothers and their families God knows who needs what but he wants to hear from you.


Puppy Pile Saturday, Labor day Convergence 7:00 Timberwolf


YHC had some conflict going on in his head and decided the only way to get it done is to JUST shut up and do it. Thanks to the PAX for making me get going this morning. Sorry for the late BB but it’s been a very long day. Good night see you at The Forge.


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  1. Good job Doozy! Glad you came out and glad you Q’d! I know every time I consider fartsacking, I remember that you guys will be out there and I don’t want to let you down!