Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunday Slogfest


Eight (?) runners took on the trails, or roads, in various directions. The main contingent took North Bank to Potts to Butter Milk. Temps and humidity made for a tough run for all.

Although the run was a slog conversion was lively. YHC thinks there is a doctoral thesis to be had on F3RVA Big Data: Positive data and negative behavioral effect. Offshore threw out a light theological question of “Who Gets into Heaven and How?” Marco Polo failed on his assigned task of keeing Pink Lady in visual contact while crossing the bridge. Flipper is ready for BRR, Lab Rat brought an FNG who was not named but has some very inappropriate name potential. Saab did his normal roads route.

There was a Bleeder sighting on North Bank. Lab Rat said he saw Hardywood on the trail at some point but no other pax did. Good times were had at ETs afterward. Talk of the BRR has the PAX dreaming of cooler weather as the end of summer approaches.

Announcements: Congrats to Scrum on 7 Years married. It only gets easier from here! Prayers for TYA’s brother, Helix family, and Orange Crush family.


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  1. Please add Hardywood to the pax list…I have fruitological evidence he was there.

    “Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you happy to see me”

    “It’s actually a banana.”