Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Blowin the pants off


25 redwoods hit the streets around Dogwood Dell for a few miles of fun. Rolling up with the breakfast club crew to the consistent presence of EF Hutton is always welcomed. The minutes before go time were filled with some great pre-beatdown fellowship and Emoji’s neverending positivity. Getting to the AO a few minutes early is always worth it to catch up with everyone. Talking to the FNG Lighthouse, Spit, Shakedown, and a few others distracted YHC enough that a 20 second warning was all the PAX got before starting the festivities.

Olivander, Handshake and Vinny were prewarned that today was going to involve some running so they came ready to go. Starting off with a couple dynamic warm ups around the circle while Bootleg rolled in, then a short ‘proper’ warm up’ per Saab. A trip to the golden triangle for 3 laps of merkins, boxcutters and burpees chasing Posh and Hardywood.

Roll over to light pole alley to show drivers the proper form of monkey humpers. Upchuck took the lead on some planks before YHC took over and got us moving again. A trip around fountain lake, no burpees, but merkins and American Hammers. Mr Roper and Hitchhiker kept our FNG company. Helix led some Mary making sure form was tight as always. Over to the lakes with a stop for some rapid fire randorama that YHC could tell the lone New Market reps, Beaker and Hermie were big fans of. Next stop the causeway between lakes for some partner work. No partner carries so Flipper can partner with Olivander without worry. Running, lunges and polar bears. Faceplant was flying down the road and tough to keep up with. Next up, surprise, more running. This time around the lake with some stops for an assortment of pain stops while Slippin Jimmy, Corned Beef and the rest of us avoided passing cars. P Back to the flag with a couple more burpees before closing out the hour.


Can’t say enough about this great group of men, today was a slog through the humidity and everyone pushed themselves through 3 plus miles of rapid fire Rosie style beatdown. Thanks to those that too the reigns while the Q lagged or picked up the 6. Sippy Cup continues to impress with the weighted vest. Apologies and Tclaps to Bone Thugs pushing through more miles than he is used to. Mr Roper continues to crush the conversation aspect of every workout and kept Lighthouse encouraged throughout the morning. YHC caught the wrong part of Hardywood convo at ETs and never found out who’s pants are being blown off. A little different take on Big Data today some of those not there may appreciate it more than the ones that were but Qs perogative rules here. Macro, focus on the fellowship and the numbers will follow.

Have a fantastic weekend. Everything is coming up Rosie.


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  1. Excellent classic Rosie F3 beatdown and great fellowship this morning. Thank you brother for taking the reigns. Well done sir. Well done men! Sorry Handshake for trying to pull your arm out of socket when I fell when trying to help you up. Welcome Lighthouse! Hope to see you again soon.

    See some of y’all are OTB mañana. I’m bringing back a cotter – can you be a cotter if you came once and then not again for a year?

  2. Great workout this morning Rosie, I must have lost 5 lbs in ?. Great to see Helix today, we continue to try to do a proper Al Gore as you so well demonstrated. Great seeing everyone at dogpile this morning, always gets the weekend off to a great start!

  3. Welcome, Lighthouse! I’m sorry I wasn’t there for your first post – hopefully, there are many more to come. Way to cover a ton of ground, PAX.

  4. Great all around Q Rosie

    To the BB title, I’ll just assume that was a reference to Flipper wearing a towel in ETs…walking around as though he was in the waiting-room of a Korean Spa.

  5. Please tell me he had paper flip flops to go with it!

    Sorry to miss it….or was I there????

  6. Rosie! Solid Q, I’m still feeling it. Way to bring the funky stuff and big ups to Spit for putting in a big mileage day. Well done!