Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Scrooge is Legal


9 mostly young warriors headed out to the gloom of Huguenot High to get a good beatdown. And in honor of Scrooge’s special birthday, we embarked on a 21 themed workout. I was initially disappointed to not see Scrooge at the COP. But right after I made a comment about it, he showed up 30 seconds later:)

COP – Run to bottom parking lot, 21 SSH, 21 Freddy Mercuries, 7 Don Quixotes, 7 Helicopters and 7 arm circles

First Exercise: Four corners with 21 heels to heaven, 21 hand release merkins, 21 2 count mountain climbers and 21 WWIIs; mosey to next parking lot

Second Exercise: Four corners again with burpees, one at the first corner, 3 at the second, 7 at the third and 21 at the last corner (32 burpees in total); mosey to amphitheater (with long pole giving me directions)

Third Exercise: 21s in combination of tricep dips and box jumps. Start with 20 tricep dips and 1 box jump, decrease 3 dips by step, increase 3 box jumps by step. I noticed that I even at 6’1 had more trouble with the jumps than the more vertically challenged guys.

Fourth Exercise: Triple check with wall sits, Carolina dry docks and runs around 2 different medians (Figure 8). The Figure 8 run took more time than I thought making the dry docks quite a challenge.

Last Exercise: 2 sets of 21 PLTs each

Closed in prayer.

I enjoyed my first SOJ Q. I do feel older with this group but that is all good. I noticed that Fresh Prince is super fast and I am not. I was thinking about making Scrooge drink but while it may be 12 o’clock somewhere, 6:15 in the morning is pushing it.

Prayers go out to Helix’s daughter, Wojo for his sister, and Orange Crush for his son. Hope they all recover completely.


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  1. Great Q, Fireman Ed! That entire workout was no joke! The triple check was tougher than I thought it would be.

    You can call out the vertically challenged…I won’t be offended. Although, I just about ate the bricks on one of the box jumps.

    The Forge does bring out the youthful crew, which is always good to see. Happy Birthday to Scrooge!

    Thanks for leading! Have a great day, Gents!

  2. Thanks Flange. It was inspiring seeing you come in to Forge on a bike. Al Gore would be proud of you.

  3. Late post on the backblast but awesome Q Fireman Ed! Definitely one of he most memorable birthday celebra