Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dead men tell no tales


YHC was welcomed to the gloom by 14 eager warriors on his 

VQ.  Timberwolf was the setting which worked out great because my nephew loved Wolves and Sharks.  

Mosey to the bus circle for COP.  It appears YHC had some difficulty counting and will practice that for next time.  Don Quixotes (slow in honor of wilson), Arm circles,LBC’s, Merkens, There may have been some other exercises?

Mosey back by YHC’s car to pick up my Buddy.  Carry buddy (67lbs. Heavy bag)  to track and start deadman carry. I was originally planning partners could carry Bob but after carrying Bob to the track I made my first audible thinking 2 people are going to struggle here.  Partner up.  Half the PAX runs a lap of track alternating carrying Bob.  The other half does alternating exercises.  5 rounds equals 5 track runs with heavy bag and 5 rounds of exercises.

Round 1 100 Merkens, 100 LBC’s

Round 2 100 squats, 100 World War II’s

Round 3 100 Hello Dollies, 100 Flutter kicks

Round 4 50 Carolina drydocks and 100 Russian Soldiers.  

Round 5 100 Squat Jumps and 100 single count mountain climbers

Numberama, namerama

Back to flag 1 minute to spare so squats as a group.  


I let everyone know the carry was in honor of my sister and nephew. My nephew Kristopher passed away at 28 years old and I was in Ohio this week for funeral.  At 18 months Kristo was diagnosed with cancer.  Heavy rounds of Chemo left his immune system weak which caused spinal meningitis.  He has lived in a mostly vegetative state since.  Doctors gave him 12 months to live.  My sister was not having any of that and nursed and carried  him through 28 years of life.  He lived the best life he could traveling Europe and South America. Swimming with Dolphins and seeing Andres Bocelli every chance he could.  Thanks for the well wishes and thanks to the New Market crew for offering to take my spot if I did not make it back in time.  

Mousetrap VQ Twin Team tomorrow.  

Gentleman it has been an honor to share the gloom with you. You can make many excuses not to do this but it is great being around a group who make the choice to do something and start their day with a solid beat down.  I am very grateful to Wilson for dragging my ass here and all of you who inspire me.  BTW this was a great way to slow down Tobit and Doozy.  Beaker said he thought we were going once around.  Marmaduke looking like he was shot out of a cannon every time he grabbed the bag.  I heard Rosie and POG would not give up the bag.  Shout out to Corned Beef for making the Trek from D’ville.  Transfers from Bullseye to Beaker were fun to watch with the 12” height difference.  Herme was quiet in the car, I think the beat down was fierce but had to ask because the Q adrenaline makes it hard to gauge.

Closed in prayer.  Prayers for Orange Crush and my sister.  YHC took us out.  

I am sure I missed something and will do even better next time. 


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  1. Absolutely awesome VQ Nancy!! Way to bring the pain! Prayers for your sisters family and OCs as well!! SYITG!!

  2. Nancy, I knew you’d bring the pain. Way to go buddy. Bringing a toy to your VQ. Wilson is proud! Counting-we can work on it at the pool. Sorry I missed it!

  3. That beatdown was so fierce my eyes started “sweating” again just reading the BB. Seriously, great VQ, great idea and a great tribute to Kristopher, in what little way we can. It is great to have you in the PAX, Nancy, and now great to have you on the Q sheet. Well done.

    Prayers for all those who are facing some adversities right now.

  4. Great Q this morning Nancy. Thank you for leading this tribute of Kristopher and sharing his story.

  5. That was a great VQ Nancy….looking forward to many more!

    Thanks for sharing about Kristopher, his life, and your sister’s love…today’s beatdown was a great tribute. It served as another reminder to hug tight those that you love.

  6. Welcome to the Q sheet Nancy. You’ve been a solid addition to the PAX. Can’t wait to meet the bag. Sorry about your loss. Your sister should be celebrated. What an amazing story. I know you are proud.

  7. Well done Nancy, saw the bag before COP and knew we were in trouble. Looking forward to seeing you in the Q sheet again. Thanks for sharing your sister and nephew’s story with us, heartbreaking and amazing.

  8. Well worth the trip Nancy, nothing will top the story behind the punching bag representing Kristopher and to have the track beat down made your VQ a memorable one(sweat in my eyes now). Cheers to the other SOJ men see you all in the gloom in the future. CB

  9. Yeah for some odd reason that is what I thought. One time around the track with Bob and then on to something else. That thought was squashed when you announced round two, three, etc… I think my should came out of socket on the last of my carry’s. What a beatdown. I am blessed that I am capable enough to have been a participant. No complaints here buddy. You killed it. Many prayers for your family and especially your sister. She lived the life of Mother and a service provider with love and compassion. Looking forward to the next beatdown.

  10. Okay fellas,earlier this week I was given a stern talking to (or something like that) by the leader of the New Market clown car (Marmaduke) about having to much ground and not enough pound at Twin Team last week (I think Wilson told on me). I didn’t have my GPS on me last week when I Q’ed Twin Team but I would be willing to bet that the TT Suicides ate up between 1.5 to 2 miles of total ground. I was however wearing my Garmin today and the record shows that Nancy Lopez killed the ground with over 2 miles while doing pound at the same time.

    I don’t weigh very much so I would like to see if we could find a bag that doesn’t weigh about the same as I do for our next run. Great Q this morning Nancy, I look forward to your next Q.

  11. Doozy the twin team hill was a killer. Never knew it was there. As Wilson stated ‘it was the workout we needed not the workout we wanted.’