Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Richmond City Paid The Light Bill


Nine Electricians posted at Batteau to check the Forest Hill Park transformer. All was in working order. Here’s how we lit it up:

Vinny Q – COP: Mosey into the Pit, needing head lamps already. Invisible Jump Ropes x 20 / SSHs x 20 / Russian Soldiers x 10 / LBCs x 10. Flutter Kicks x 10 / Hello Dollies x 10.

Electric Slide: Mosey down to the bottom of the Hill of Ill Repute. Pair up. Partner 1 runs to the top of the hill. Partner 2 = Backwards Polar Bear. Switch and repeat. Round 2 = Triple Jump Squats. Round 3 = Bear Crawl. Repeat until PAX reaches the top.

Bleeder Q – Meter Readers: Mosey back down HIR to head of lake path. Increasing Merkins at every working light poll. Turns out the City paid the power bill and fixed ALL the lights. 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50.

Posh Q – Juice Stairs: Partner up: Partner 1 down the steps for 20 dips. Partner 2 = WWIIs. Repeat x 3.

BTTF – :15 of American Hammers.

Faceplant took us out

Announcements: Order your F3 – Your Name Here – shirts ASAP. Labor Day Convergence at Timberwolf – 7:00 a.m. Puppy Pile Aug. 24 – 7:05. Retreat is 9/21-22. See the PreBlast for details.

NMS: Strong numbers at Batteau today, including Hitchhiker making his Batteau debut. We’ve yet to use the newly minted pickle ball courts, but we will soon. Bleeder must’ve known the City fixed all the lights when he called the lake lap. Sippy pure formed his way through all 260+ merkins. As always Swirly lead the way, with Posh right behind him. It was great having Upchuck back in the fold. Glad the wheel is healing nicely.

Have a great week!


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  1. Good to be back with you all today. Been too long waiting for the heel to heal. The layoff showed in the merkins. And, as a former City resident, clearly the taxes are too high as there is now ample funding for light bulbs and pot hole repair. I miss the good ole days when 1 lap = 50 merkins.

    Good to pair with Shakedown and Sippy/Faceplant (and Posh). SYITG.