Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Zero Merkins, yes Zero


8 Noble warriors and a noble guest showed up for what was a misleading ball and chain event at twin team this morning. YHC’s car is in the shop and the ball & chain are in the trunk – %$#&!!!!

Mosey to front of school for some light to see the Q sheet and figure out our plan. Thank you Chesterfield County for not wasting my tax dollars on lights in the parking lot while school is not in session. Oh wait, I need those lights, again I say %$#&!!!!


Cherry Pickers X10, Don Quixotes X15, Helicopters X10, LBC’s X10, Man Killers X10 (we finally got the man killers right)

Mosey – Question was raised “Tobit what is the name of this AO” Tobit responds “Twin Team!!” and away we went

Top of Twin Team dropping off 3 lights on the way up. Back to the bottom for a Twin Team for a suicide run.

First Light Mountain Climbers X20 back to the bottom of the hill. Up to the second light Squats X20 back to bottom of the hill. Up to third light Calf Raises back to bottom of the hill. Up to top of the hill ball dippers X20 back to the bottom of the hill.

Some had to modify this Run/Boot Camp with 2nd light and top of hill rather than all 4.

Mosey back to the flag

Numbers and names

Prayers: Wilson’s best friend has a daughter (Katie) visiting the Philippines and had to have appendicitis surgery, flying back to the states tomorrow.

YHC has a promising interview today at 11:30

Announcements: Labor Day Convergence Timberwolf 7:00, Tee Shirts, and F3 Camping trip (September).


YHC was going for a Ball & Chain in every Nano Region for the Summer Tour but didn’t realize that the Ball & Chain are in the trunk of the car which is having the sun roof repaired (first world problems).

Great to have Cello join us this morning, safe travels to you and your family. Cello is from North Carolina, it sounds like 2 hours south of Richmond and an hour from the coast.

As usual Wilson was more than happy to hear that this work out was going to have a little run aspect to it, Nancy Lopez felt the same.

Due to yesterdays Merkin Civil War and as promised there where absolutely no Merkins to be had at today’s event.


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  1. Nice Q Doozy. Twin Team was a man killer this morning! I was glad to finish that workout! It felt like a BRR training session that I didn’t sign up for.

    Praying for you Doozy with your job interview this morning!

    Nice to have Cello visiting downrange.

    Always good to be out in the gloom with you all!

  2. Well done Doozy! While I was sorry to hear that the ole ball and chain were locked away, today’s Twin Team suicide Q was great…and just what I needed.

    Prayers for your interview today…hope it goes well.

  3. Woo-doggy. That sounds awful. Well done Doozy.

    Prayers for speedy recovery for Katie and for good fortune for you today Dooz….knock ’em dead brother, I know you will.

  4. Doozy – I thought my legs were done after the man killers, but then as we moseyed, you turned right! We in the rear of the PAX had a nasty feeling you were heading to Twin Team Hill, but never EVER thought of suicides could be done there and never should be done again. On the initial trip up the hill Sonic mentioned he would not have done this in his own. Me either, so thank you for giving us what we need. Not what we want! Your gonna kill the interview and if it’s what you want, go get it! Look forward to seeing y’all tomorrow at Dog Pile! #VinnyQ

  5. Guys, thanks for all the encouragement and well wishes. The interview went great and we got along well. The territory and some other minor things where not right for our family so I’ll keep looking and leaning in to God and what doors he is opening.