Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Five Fingers SOJ style


The Q sheet opened up last week with Kubota’s unfortunate injury but it made room for me to try out a new route for RiverRun. It’ll need a little tweaking but a good one to add to the mix. Start with the instructions, Lugnut knows where he’s going, Doublemint seems to have some familiarity with the area, Mousetrap will just follow someone.

The Route: Right out of the parking lot and hit the trail/sidewalk to Riverdowns, up the Queensgrant hill about 2/3 of the way, turnaround where it flattens out before the second climb. Back down and right on the sidewalk, right on Robious Forest Way, all the way to the end and back to the trail. Next all the way up Twin Team, turn around at the top. Back down and past Bettie Weaver and right on Rivermist Road, run to the cul-de-sac. Final leg is up Riverton Road across from Bettie Weaver and back down to the start. 5+ miles for all of all 5 fingers.

The MapMyRun distances were a little short so we probably could have made it to the top of Queensgrant hill for some more elevation but overall pretty good training for the day and a route that we will definitely do again.

BRR was on the mind post run with Doublemint and Mouse Trap getting their questions answered about the fun that will ensue beginning a month from today. Thought we’d have a few more PAX this morning but the fartsack apparently ruled the day, you know who you are.


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  1. I’ve been telling myself I need to get out to more of these runs, and I picked a heck of a Monday to come back! There was quite a bit of hill work, and I was beat!

    Enjoyed running with Double Mint, although there wasn’t a ton of chatter because I was trying to survive the hills.

    Looking forward to getting back out soon to River Run so they aren’t so hard next time.

  2. Oh good, yet another route for me to get lost and turned around on.

    I decided to hit Batteau this morning on a fact finding recon mission for my Q later this month. I was also looking for something with a little less run while I try to heal this hip issue but Upgrade decided to make it a run heavy beat down for his VQ.

    I hope to get back to the running AOs soon, I am looking forward to seeing my friend Gumbo tomorrow at No Toll. He has had some time to think about all the nastiness he can bring to a beat down and I’m sure he’ll bring it.

  3. Great run this morning, guys. Mouse Trap, that 4.85 was like 6 miles in the flatlands.