Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Paying rent with Kryptonite, guess that Kryptocurrency


As everyone knows, today was my VQ. I want to start of by saying it was an honor and a pleasure to lead such a great group in the dogpile. I decided to leave SSG Carter at the house and let Kryptonite take charge (less yelling and screaming that way.) Shout out to Hardywood and Swirly for taking over while I got the 6 on two different occasions. Also special shout out to Bone Thugs (Thugz?) For the hard work hes been putting in. Ok, let’s get to it.

0600- Mosey to the circle so we can stretch out and prepare for today’s battle. Kept some of the original stretches but also incorporated some new ones that we use in the military to help get our muscles and joints moving properly. Started off with the bend and reach, then the squat bender, followed by the helicopter (in honor of Wilson’s dedication to it.) After that moved into a set of pushups, then two laps of alternating laterals. Warm up is complete….now the workout begins

Head down to the bottom of the pit, the stadium (insert your own name preferences.) Jumped straight into Killer 30’s by holding elbow planks for 30 secs, 5 sec rest, then straight into close hand pushups for 30 secs. After that, another 30 secs of elbow planks followed by 30 secs of regular pushups and finish with another 30 secs of elbow planks. Now that our bodies are warmed up, it’s time for “Escaping Hell.” Only one way to get out and that’s up, but you have to pay rent at every level!!! Alternating exercises at each level: pushups, burpees, WW2s (3 each) then power jump to the next level. Repeat until you’ve reached the top, FREEDOM!!!

While waiting for the 6, Hardywood took over and knocked out some ab exercises including planks and flutters. I honestly believe some abs were born today…Angel’s were singing while God was chugging a Plant based Whey Protein shake while curling a ………too much? Ok back to it!

Mosey over to the field for a triple check of four corners. Break down into groups of 3 and get ready to work. Using half the field (80x40m) lateral from side to side landing at corner 1 knock out 30 pushups. Afterwards run backwards to corner 2 and knock out 30 WW2s then hop back up and reverse lateral to corner 3 where everyones favorite exercise was waiting….the BURPEE! Knock out a good 15 then sprint back to the finish line and tag your partner. I’ll be the first to admit my math was off, but humor me! Partners waiting were rotating between planks and air squats until it was their time to run the gauntlet. Plank it out until the 6 was done, and we are off to the pull up bars.

We have arrived at the bars and it’s time for another triple check! (Skip pass all the confusion and jump straight into sets) 1, 2 and 3 is too easy for this elite group of warriors, so how does 100, 200 and 300 sound? Triple check of 100 dips, 200 pushups and 300 squats. Now, add in unlimited WW2s and alternating exercises on the pull up bar with pullups and leg tucks, and I’d say you have a pretty good recipe for GAINZ! Thanks Dr Tryhard and others for knocking out extra reps to help pick up the 6. Mission complete, let’s mosey back to base.

Swirly agrees to take the pack while I run with the 6 and exchange military humor. Once back at base Swirly leads the group in a grueling set of plank rotations, targeting the core while building stronger pecs and shoulders. I hear a cry for mercy, asking me to take over now that I am back……but hey, what the heck, who doesnt like chest day right? Finish it out Swirly……and now, we can relax!!!

Again, awesome time with awesome people! Keep in mind all the prayer requests that were brought up today. Also, DTH is having a poker night if anyone is interested. Last but not least, FLAG NIGHT? I know some of us have discussed it many times, but I’d like to set something in stone. Some house have been offered up, so let’s get together and make it happen. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!! If I spelled your name wrong, I truly am sorry!!!


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  1. Yeah, you got some names wrong. Olivander for example. Great Q man. Well done.

    Flags can be done at my house. Just let me know.

  2. Excellent work Kryptonite. Not sure when I am going to stop being sore from that one but today is obviously not the day. Holy Vander as a new alias in Big Data, that’s a good one.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent Job Kryptonite ! Welcome to the Q Sheet !
    Way to push guys !
    See y’all in the gloom…

  4. Great VQ Kryptonite! Only feedback is to keep it simple on triple checks but I really liked putting some new exercises out there.

  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback and positivity!!!! Looking forward to a great workout Saturday!