Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A ball, a chain and heat lightning


5 noble warriors made a visit to the creek this morning.

YHC got a bit of an early start to the upper regions of the RVA this fine A.M. and passed through what seemed like more than one time zone. The following is what I think just happened or at least it’s how YHC remembers it happening.

5:30 (Thanks Mud Face for being the time keeper today) Mosey and circle up

Don Quixote’s, Helicopters and Man Killers (Start with ten SSH’s after ten – arm position changes to shoulder height, after ten – arm position changes to hip height, after ten – no arms just jump) repeat 9, 8, 7 we had to audible because YHC was doing IC and it got to be a lot of counting. Will modify this for the next time.

Mosey for a lap around the church, get to side parking lot where YHC had 6 chalk labeled parking spaces and one parking space with a medicine ball and 20′ logging chain. The Exercise was do 10 of a station and take a lap until all 7 stations where complete when you get to the ball and chain there is no exercise just run your lap with your preferred choice.

Carolina Dry Docks

Mountain Climbers

American Hammers

Ball or Chain




Plank for the 6, Help your brothers finish

Mosey to the front parking lot, 4 corners

Corner 1, 10 Merkins

Corner 2, 10 Merkins, 20 Squates

Corner 3, 10 Merkins, 20 Squates, 30 Hello Dollies

Corner 4, 10 Merkins, 20 Squates, 30 Hello Dollies and 40 Plank Jacks

Mosey to the center of the parking lot, start at on end forward lunge to the light post, backward lunge to the end of the parking lot. Repeat but Bear Crawl to the light post Crab walk to the end.

Circle up to finish out with a Mary 10 count of Merkins of your choice

Numberama / Namerama

Notes: Summer Tour finish strong, Labor day Convergence, DTH Poker night and September camp out

Chewie took us out


Again YHC finds a way to try and incorporate an exercise that has not been fully thought out, you would think he had learned his lesson. YHC has 3 more Q’s this month to get this right.

Bigggggggg Props to Chewie for taking us out this morning. It is hard enough for an old man like YHC to take a group out at the end of a workout but to be almost 15 and for the Spirit to lead you in a way that blesses the PAX is encouraging.

YHC and Phonics had a conversation about the heat lightning that was flashing in the background and the fact that we had a 20′ logging chain to carry. We finished just as the real lightning and rain was starting.


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  1. Great job today Doozy! Thanks for making the trip north. The numbers were small this morning due to many Davillians being out of town.