Thursday, December 12
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Route for the Tourists


12 Runners including 3 summer tourists arrived at the correct Atlee HS address with no issues.

Route was new for YHC and the PAX. Head out onto Atlee Station and up the hill to the light. A right to continue on Atlee Station. Right onto Dewitt Dr into The Carpenter and Opus’ neighborhood, Craney Island. Head to the back of the neighborhood for a little hill work.

4 milers – Head back the way they came and did a loop in the new neighborhood Giles down and back

5 milers – Loop around Craney Island, a loop around Cool Spring Baptist, then head to Giles for a loop down and back


YHC heading to the run this morning was excepting the crowd that was already in the parking lot before 5:25. With this mind a quick change in the route (with some help from The Carpenter) was put into place.

Glad to have Glide back after his vacation. He was a LIFO today but still got in his 5 so we will let him slide.

Good to see our summer tourists out with us today. Gave Double Mint a little surprise as he was advise there were no hill in Hanover.




  1. The Carpenter on

    Fantastic Q, Spit! The audible to the hill in the back part of the neighborhood added some extra challenge. It may have taken me out more than I anticipated. I also think that running by my house was a mental challenge since my body started to tire out after passing it.

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