Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Rest for the Weary


Twelve veteran gloom warriors mustered at The Forge this morning to offer themselves unto the refining fire and the DTH hammer. Here’s how it went down:


Warmerama on the Grassy Knollercoaster:

  • Transverse x3 Hills with Bear Crawling up & Crab Walking down

Mosey to front of school for COP #1:

  • F3 Welcome & Disclaimer
  • SSH x20 IC
  • DQ x10 IC
  • CH-Squats x20 IC
  • Hairy Rockettes x10 IC
  • 8-ct Burpees x10 IC …another x5 added on for PAX failing to count IC

Mosey long way around Middle School for COP #2 in a patch of very wet grass:

  • Partner up for each man to complete x25 PLT’s & x25 Dying Boxing Cockroaches

Mosey further along back road near soccer field for COP #3:

  • 11’s on Opposing Curbs
  • Decline Werkins 1-10
  • Incline Diamond Merkins 10-1
  • Lunge between sides
  • Flutter Kicks for the SIX

Mosey to Amphitheater for COP #4:

  • Partner up for DORA 1-2-3
  • x100 Donkey Kicks
  • x200 Am.Hammers – 2ct
  • x300 Mtn.Climbers – 2ct
  • Other partner Box Jumps up steps, performs x3 Groiners, runs around top tier to side stars & back down to partner
  • Plankorama for the SIX

Mosey to Soccer Field for COP #5:

  • Partner up for RockPaperScissorShoot 
  • Elbow Plank facing partner and play
  • Loser x1 Burpee, winner x1 Merkin
  • Best of 3 wins, Winners to one end of the field, Losers to the other
  • Continue Single Elimination 
  • 1st Place – Honeydo
  • 2nd Place – Last Call
  • 3rd Place – DTH

Mosey BTTF:

  • LBC’s x20 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x20 IC


  • Counterama #12
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • Beautifully cool dark morning to stand among real men and get the day started right. YHC was impressed with the fact that Mr Roper & Shakedown maintained Mumble Chatter for the entirely of the Knollercoaster. YHC was not so impressed that none of the PAX kept the count going during the 8-ct Burpees …extra Burpees were rewarded. Some commentary was made that YHC’s routines rarely leave the PAX a moment of rest – which will be taken as a complement, thank you very much! YHC enjoyed partnering up with Fresh Prince and Handshake. Solid work fellas! And it turns out that shooting “Rock” every single time will get you into the final rounds, but not enough to beat out the wiley ways of Last Call & HoneyDo. Strong win boys. Keep posting fellas, and keep headlocking those sad clowns you just KNOW need F3. SYITG! 

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Joined F3 at NoToll 9/25/18. Started The FORGE 4/4/19. Fealty to SOJ. Follower of Jesus Christ. Pediatrician. Missionary. Husband to the M since 2005. Papa to a couple awesome 2.0's "Oreo" & "Banjo".


  1. Enjoyed my first visit to the Forge, solid AO. The Box Jumps after the Donkey kicks were not pretty!

  2. DTH-excellent Q and always learning new warm up exercises such as the Harry (dancers?). We definitely need to shout out better for the 8 count burpees… I was gasping for air after 10! I had to bring Opus to make sure we could find the Forge! Will be back to this awesome beat down venue! Cheers fellas!

  3. It was fun watching Tobit, who makes everything look easy, almost fall over with the Hairy Rocketts. Always good to know a PAX members Kryptonite.