Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Christmas Leftovers


Even with an empty cell on the Q Sheet, 8 greats pulled into the SOT lot this morning looking for a Hot Potato beatdown.  The condensation on Rosie’s windshield indicated he’d arrived much earlier for EC.  Fresh off his 12 Days of Christmas in July, and possibly attempting to avoid writing the BB three days in a row, Rosie took the lead.


Mosey along the front of the school and circle up in the parking lot for some DQs, Helicopters, Merkins, and Flutter Kicks.  Mosey to the rear of the school and onto the track.  Partner up for Dora.  The run portion: up the stairs on the east side of the bleachers, along the top, and down the west side stairs back to the track.  Exercises:  100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 Imperial Walkers.  Pass to Mouse Trap. 

Mouse Trap

Indigenous Run around the track with the rear PAX performing 1 burpee before cycling to the front.  After about a lap, YHC started to think it felt like a DK start…  After another 100 yards, Mouse Trap stops along the sideline and calls for 11s.  On side 1, WWIIs.  Side 2, Burpees!  The PAX quickly expressed their feelings about one of the exercises, so Mouse Trap graciously called an audible.  Side 2 would be Diamond Merkins.  Much better!  Pass to Tobit.


Tobit takes the PAX to the base of the hill behind the concession stand.  Awesome, my legs are already smoked.  Partner up for Love Hill (I think he called it).  1 PAX runs up and back while PAX 2 is doing Bear Crawl, Crab Soccer, and Broad Jump Burpees towards the top.  Switch, Wash, rinse, repeat until both PAX arrive at the top.  Pass to YHC.


To the tennis courts for 4 Corners.  Corner 1, 10 Carolina Dry Docks.  C2, 20 Jump Squats. C3, 30 LBCs.  C4, 40 SSHs.  Circle up in Elbow Plank position.  In cadence, Elbow Plank to Merkin Plank – 5 each side.  Next, opposing members of the circle crawl to the center for 10 Booyah Merkins.  Crawl Bear back to the circle.  Continue around the circle.  Back to the flag. 

Numberama, Namerama


HDHH at Palani Drive today.  6:00 if you want to run first, 6:45 if you don’t.

Puppy Pile this Sat, 7:05.

Mouse Trap shared that he’s heard too many stories recently about relationship struggles.  He reminded us to work on being good husbands and fathers when we returned to our homes.  Good call MT.


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  1. Another great SOT potato! Thanks for taking the lead Rose and thanks for writing up the BB Bullseye.

  2. Thanks guys! I was honored to help lead you all this morning. Thanks for sticking with me and working hard through the 11’s – about halfway through I was personally contemplating whether an audible would be necessary to have mercy on the PAX (as it turned out to be much harder than I thought, especially with the distance of the back and forth running – but you all are beasts!)

    Always glad to be in the gloom with you all.

  3. Well done men, thanks for taking the potato and the BB Bullseye. Sometimes a hot potato is much more difficult than anything done by 1 Q, today did not disappoint. The DK start is a lap initiated when Doner Kebab has the Q so he can think about what to do next.

  4. It was great meeting a lot of you this morning and working out with you all while on the Summer Tour. I have to pick up the pace, tho. Today was only 10/26 AOs. YIKES, 16 left!


  5. Glad someone understood the DK comment. Some of the toughest workouts start with a lap or two while DK plans his punishment.