Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Christmas in July


A much cooler rainy morning was dialed up for a little surprise for the PAX this July morning. 13, including a rehabbed Hardywood, answered the bell and decided to see what YHC had in store.

A mosey, cue the rain, and some clues with a warm up of 12 SSH, 12 DQ and 12 IW. During the IW YHC heard Bullseye question whether this was the 12 Days of Christmas. With that astute observation we set off to the pavilion for a rehash of the 12 days of Christmas workout.

  • 1 Dozen LBCs
  • 2 Sprints across the field
  • 3 Diamond Merkins
  • 4 Imperial Squat Walkers
  • 5 Golden Burpees
  • 6 Dips
  • 7 2-ct lunges
  • 8 decline merkins
  • 9 American Hammers
  • 10 Flutter Kicks
  • 11 Crunchy Frogs
  • 12 Broad Jump Burpees

Close out with a ring of fire, plenty of flair here and Freddie Mercurys.


Kotters to Hardywood, the man has been laid up with an ankle injury but has been given the go ahead to start pushing a little bit. Hopefully it went well and there aren’t any setbacks, the plush grass fields of NoToll should have helped. At coffeeteria after OTB this week YHC noticed that the Q at NoToll was open, that doesn’t happen often so I jumped on it. Wilson, knowing he was going to be out of town, suggested 12 days so Honeymoon and POG knew what was coming. Christmas in July was a great idea, I thought about mixing up the exercises from previous versions but not this time, maybe when it comes back in December. Greenbow was questioning whether all these gifts were things for the PAX or just things I wanted. It’s both things for me and others I thought you would want. With 12 PAX besides me it works out to something for each of you, don’t fight over which one you get.

I appreciate the opportunities I have been given, especially the privilege and ability to lead this fine group of men today.

  • HDHH Wednesday, See Kubota
  • Puppy Pile Saturday. 7:05 am
  • Men’s retreat (non-F3) in September, See Greenbow

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  1. Solid! I stole your workout and delivered these gifts to the PAX of Warthog in Myrtle Beach back at the end of June.

  2. Thanks for all the presents Rosie – I’m beat. Next time I’ll send you my wish list before the workout. The rain was the best present of all.

    Note, this is not the first time the PAX has had to pay for Wilson’s mouth. Missed you Wilson.

  3. YEEEAAAAHHH BABY! Oh man was it good to be back in the gloom. Yes, the ankle is good to go and so far no pain. I’m not back in fighting shape yet, but I’m back on track. However, I was a little nervous seeing who had the Q and thinking there may be just a bit of running. Great idea for Christmas in July! This is one of my favorite annual, now semi annual workouts.

    Make it a great one fellas!

  4. It was a Christmas to remember. Where are the gift receipts? I have some returns that were the wrong size..