Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thrown Shade


A PAX seven strong posted for tonight’s Punisher under sunny skies and game-time temperatures in the upper 90s. Lacking orange slices and Gatorade, we stuck to the shady front yard at Linwood Holton. Mosey into the grass from the parking lot for the startup circle with 30 x Invisible Jump Ropes (half forward and half reverse), 15 x Don Quixotes, 15 x Imperial Walkers, 50 x LBCs, 10 x Suzanne Somers (each side), and an Arm Circle medley.

Move to the school wall for Elevens starting with 10 Donkey Kicks and 1 Wall Plank Walk (walk both hands up the wall and back down). Continue, reducing the Kicks and increasing the Walks until 1/10 completed.

Slide across the yard to a light/security camera pole. One PAX member completes 5 Box Cutters while the others Crab Walk away. Once Box Cutters are done, mobile PAX Bear Crawls back to the pole. Rotate around the circle, repeating.

Find the softest, shadiest spot for the Pressure Test (found on the internet!). YHC distributes one coin to each PAX member. Circle up and Elbow Plank for 60 seconds and follow with 10 Merkins. All flip coins to determine Mary reps – Heads = 0 reps and Tails = 10 reps. Complete Mary reps after Merkins. Repeat, but reduce duration of Elbow Plank hold by 10 seconds each round followed by Merkins and Mary. Mary calls included Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Hello Dollys, and Rosalitas. Following toss of one Tail in final coin flip, completed 10 Burpees.

Return to the wall for Peoples’ Chair variations. Both feet down and count out 20 seconds. Right leg up – 20 seconds. Left leg up – 20 seconds. One other rotation and finish with both legs down.

Mosey back to the parking lot for COT – Namerama, Numberama, and YHC took us out.

Nice work all and good seeing everyone. Upcoming activities: Wednesday – Hump Day Happy Hour at Roller Coaster, but starting at Palani Drive; Convergence on Labor Day – September 2nd; and F3 RVA Retreat on 9/21 and 9/22 in Amelia County (see Preblast posted by Vinny on July 9th).


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