Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bent It Like Jacob


10 Warriors of the gloom including 2 summer tourists enjoyed a tour around the AO today.

This is how it went down

Mosey through the campus style school, around the back, then up to the side for COP on the basketball court.

COP – SSH, Helicopters, DQ, Copperhead Squats, Freddie Mercury, Tempo LBCs, HRM, Mtn Climbers, Arm Circles


Bent Jacob #1 – Using the hill next to the track, start with 7 Merkins, 7 Polar Bears up the hill, run to the top for 7 Burpees. Run back down, rinse, and repeat for 6 – 1.

Mosey to the courtyard

Triple Check – Skull Crushers, Dips, Lap around the building/trailer

Bent Jacob # 2 – Using the hill behind the school, start with running up the hill for 7 WWII Sit-Ups then run down for 6 WWII’s. Rinse and Repeat up/down for 5 – 1

Mosey back to the SF

1 MOM – Grab a rock, Boat/Canoe on Chewy’s call

Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements and YHC took us out.


The dog days of summer are in full swing now. YHC arrived to the AO already sweating. Public Service Announcements to the PAX. DRINK WATER!! If need bring it with during the workout do so!

Ok back to the workout, glad to have Mamaduke & Honeymoon joins us this morning. They were able to find the AO with no App trouble this time. Hopefully that will be same case tomorrow for The Creek

Since YHC was given the heads up our summer tourists would be in attendance today, he wanted to make sure they saw the whole AO. So the plan was put into place to use both main hills and the courtyard.

YHC had been waiting for another shot at the Bent Jacob (since having to call it short at WDog two weeks ago). The combo Merkins/Burpees added an extra change to the Jacob’s Ladder


  • Early Risers run this Saturday
  • Hot days ahead – Drink Water!!
  • Puppy Pile next Saturday
  • Labor Day Convergences – SOJ hosting at Timberwolf