Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mumblechatter happens


A solid dozen posted for Saturday’s GridIron including one FNG. As usual, there was some grief-giving and breeze-shooting just before the 7:00 hour. We started on time per my satellite-supported armband and began with each in attendance picking a lateral parking lot line which we used for 5 minutes of jogging forward and pedaling back.

Regathered in a circle for a warm-up with Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, Don Quixotes, Hello Dollys, Susan Somers(es), and Arm Circles.

Stroll to the edge of the parking lot facing down a short hill to the tree line for mobile Elevens. Jog down the hill to complete one Burpee appetizer followed by 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Bear crawl up the hill for another Burpee followed by one Forward Lunge (two-count to include each leg). Plank after each round to keep the PAX together. Continue, increasing the downhill exercise by one and decreasing the uphill exercise by one and keeping the Burpee. After 6/5, audibled changing the uphill movement to backpedal.

Saunter to the playground for Jerkin rounds. Three groups of four take turns holding feet. Uninvolved group members hit the ground for Boxing Cockroach while waiting. Competed six rounds of 5 Jerkins each, holding the fifth Jerkin for five seconds.

Mosey across the nearby foot bridge and circle in the grass near the volleyball area for Super 21 with an LBC chaser. Exercises were Merkins and Squats. Began with one of each followed by 15 LBCs. Added another rep each round along with the LBCs. As overall workout time was expiring, we began to batch the rounds, completing 13 and 14 reps back to back, but still in separate rounds and followed by LBCs. Did the same for 15 and 16 and for 17 through 19. Finished by blending 20 and 21 for 41 rep total of each and one last LBC round.

Returned to the parking lot for COT with Numberama and Namerama. Attila took us out.

Welcome FNG Feather. Check F3RVA for details on the F3 retreat. Check the signup sheet for Byproduct taking the Q for his birthday weekend workout (respect at last). Nice work.


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  1. Scott Beaudin on

    The Super 21 was a killer! Still can get J’ville’s Chihuahua impression out of mind.