Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Double Mint and Vinny Are Two Different People


YHC arrived at 05:15 to see Swirly pacing in the parking lot. No Big Blue. Swirl Y ran over from DP. Spit’s car was already there. Spit banged out 9 plus miles today, including 4 before Breakfast Club. Sounds like Early Risers training to me.

On the way back, YHC had to wait the whole time for the Six. Conveniently, I was the Six. At one point Double Mint noted that PAX members keep thinking he is me. Sorry brother, you ain’t me. Plus, it’s not really a compliment – for you that is.

Great job today fellas – way to eat the heat.


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  1. Double Mint is the one that kicks a hole in your stomach during PLTs and Vinny is the one that can do Flutterkicks for an hour.

  2. Great run fellas! It felt good getting in all those miles today. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it later!

    Vinny glad we found that water fountain on the way back. Good mental note!