Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Recluse or Widow?


A PAX gathering nine strong posted for this week’s Punisher. At the advertised start time, we set off from the front parking lot for the gravel lot at the back and adjacent to old school house for some leg warming via several rounds of running. Start at the western edge of the gravel lot and target a turn around point about 40 yards off (marked by a tree adjacent to the lot) – round 1, Mosey out and Backpedal back, then repeat, and Plank; round 2, same, once again; round 3, High Knees out and Backpedal back, then repeat, and Plank; and, round 4, Butt Kickers out and Backpedal back, repeat, and Plank.

Mosey through the nearby garden to a grassy spot for start-up COP. Four rounds of 5 x SSHs in cadence followed by 2 Jump Squats OYO (this is called something in the F3 Exicon), 15 x Hillbillies, 15 x Don Quixotes, 15 x Russian Soldiers, hop on ground for Alphabet from Hello Dolly position, and finish with Arm Circle medley.

Jog to the nearby outdoor classroom for the Attila Sequence – 20 x Dips, 20 x Step Ups (one leg), 20 x Dips, 20 x Step Ups (other leg), and 20 x Dips – follow with Al Gore until all are done.

Saunter back around the school to the parking lot and pull two red bricks per PAX from YHC’s vehicle, the mosey into the front school yard. Generally, completed two sets of 15 reps of several exercises, in cadence, and followed with a core / ab interlude. Brick hefting exercises included Overhead Press, Alternating Front Shoulder Lifts, Side Lateral Raises, Goblet (style) Squats, Alternating Concentration Curls, Lying Flies, and Pullovers. Core interludes included American Hammers, Hello Dollys, WWIIs, Plank with Shoulder Tap and Arm Extension, Rosalitas, and Alternating Leg Lifts with Dead Leg cross (may be missing one – J’ville’s). Finish with Ring of Fire with bricks as props and some stretching.

Return to the parking lot, deposit bricks in YHC’s vehicle, COT with Numberama and Namerama, and YHC took us out.

Nice work all. We found no evidence of a morning F3 tourist group having hit the AO this week (although the fence was partially down surrounding the old house). The bricks we used were not pulled from M Chum’s flowerbed, but were from a stack stored in a dark corner of YHC’s yard – thankful these were largely spider-free. Have a good week.


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