Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2 of 5, and a VQ


14 Davillians and one visitor from Raleigh showed up to YHC’s VQ at DaVille, my second of five this week. Our story is told in what follows, and yes, I’m WAY overselling it.

Mosey to grass behind school for COP: SSH, DQ, arm circles, LBC’s, merkins, short mosey to brick wall of school for the first exercise. PAX held balls to the wall while PAX at end of line bear crawled through, all did this once.

Mosey to next building, do 1 donkey kick, run to exercise area, find a piece of equipment and do 5 derkins, run back and do 2 donkey kicks, repeat until you get to 10 donkey kicks. Mosey to basketball court, lunge to each goal and then the opposite midpoint, running back to start, each time doing 10 more LBC’s, starting with 10 at the beginning, ending with 60. Mosey to sidewalk by soccer field, find a wooden post, do 10 diamond merkins on the post, 20 heels to heaven, 10 more diamond merkins, 20 more heels to heaven.

Mosey back to flag, numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


YHC does not usually go to DaVille, as the amount of running required is anathema to YHC. YHC may have to start going more often, as even with the running this is a great AO–there were 2 more exercises on the list for today, so another Q will be necessary. Thanks to Mudface for his help and suggestions on crafting this one, and the balls to the wall exercise was thieved from him. The PAX crushed it today, especially Phonics, who led every exercise, to the point Bulkhead just said “I just do what he does.” It was great to meet Gravy, you are welcome back anytime!

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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  1. You only lose your “V” once homie and I’ve been to a workout where you were Q. Unless you”took it back” I hear that’s a thing some folks do 😜

  2. HA, just my first DaVille (Tuesday AO) Q. Have done all the other DaVille ones save The Anvil, which I’m doing tomorrow. Good to see you!