Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Put the rocks away–take the rocks out.


7 gathered Hot-Potato style for a very rocky and muggy beatdown. It went something like this:

Swirly leading the COP, SSH, Helicopters, DQs, IWs Merkins (20x!). Mosey over to rock pile for partner exercises, one partner with rock, the other unencombered

Rd. 1. Curls with rock and run to tree and back.

Rd 2. Overhead presses with rock and run to bowl and do 20x dips

Rd. 3. Sit-ups presses with rock and run to bowl and 20x incline merkins

Rd. 4. Curl-squats with rock and karaoke.

Put rocks back.

Sippy leading

Take rocks out (1 for each PAX)

Mosey to pickleball court with with rocks. Mosey around 1/2 court while facing in same dirction. Then plank on rock. 6 inches with hands on rock. Then Merkins with one hand on rock (IC 8x each side).

Partner up: One partner elbow plank with rock on back while partner runs around court. Switch. Repeat with Elbow plank.

Run up and down short hill with rock 5x.

Mosey to edge of tennis courts for 3×6 Rock throws, rotating to switch rock each time. Then 3×6 overhead slams, rotating to different rock each time. Then move in plank right and left.

Take rocks back.

BT leading.

Mosey to the flag for some Mary. WWIs, Freddie Mercurys, Flutter kicks, 6 inches.

COT–BT took us out


It was fun to have so many here for the summer tour, and it was good to spend the majority of the time with the rocks today. I’m (Sippy) feeling the effects all over.


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  1. Nice job with the rocks guys! The elbow plank with boulder on back was definitely a highlight! Thanks for leading Swirly, Sippy and BT. I need to get out to Batteau more often, like in two weeks for Double Mint’s VQ!

  2. Big Tennessee on

    Been a while for me as well. Love Batteau. Also loved the Old World/Highland Games theme with all the rock throwing and whatnot. Well done, men!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job boys – awesome to back at it with y’all !
    Thanks for writing it up Sippy!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. Awesome hot potato Q…well done Swirly, Sippy, and BT! …I’m still feeling this one. With all the humidity, it bordered on brutal.

    I don’t journey to Batteau very often…maybe it’s time to rethink that.