Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Saab Requires San Pellegrino Ice Cubes


Six posted for miles before the thing and after the thing.


Mosey from ETs to Dogpile via Robinson past the lake up Trafford to Blanton and Park.  Return Park to Blanton to Sheppard to Cary.

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


YHC hesitantly calls himself QIC for this one, but slaving over a hot keyboard for 10 minutes should count for something, right?  For anyone that believes Breakfast Club is undeserving of its own BD point, try running to and from Dogpile in this humidity.  YHC believes it was Flatline that said today’s should be worth 1.5, tend to agree.  Total mileage combined with Fireman Ed’s bootcamp was north of 6 miles, 2 there, 4 during the bootcamp, and roughly 2 more back according to Saab’s figures.  Saab also loves ice cubes, but not from the tap, just ask him to explain sometime.  Great run men.   



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  1. Yes spring or filtered water is always preferred, regardless of the GLass it is sipped from.

  2. It was a soggy run both ways, but especially the way back. ETs was fun per usual. Now we know the secret of the VMI bear crawl motivation.

  3. I am proud of you guys. I did not make it easy on you. One of these days I will join the breakfast club but 5:30 on a Saturday is really hard.