Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A week at the beach


Okay well let me begin by saying the majority of people at the beach need F3 – they need Swirly ! For the love of god cover yourself – sorry judge not less ye be judged right – I get it – but holy mother of god have some respect for yourself – put it down (whatever it is ) and bang it out baby ……. Woooo!!

So here is the deal – first morning running the 2 miles to the pull up bars and benches and 2 miles back to the beach house I see a dude in a shirt that looks like one I have which happens to be the Red F3 lexington (Cheech) shirt… So I’m running – dude is coming towards me – (walking)!!!!! and I kinda say hey( in the way Swirly says hey) – which is hey man – F3 – dude says yea – Swirly say walking ??? Anyway nice due Jekel tells me where he’s from that he did BRR once… – that he did Palmeto couple times – all this time I;m in running in place of course and letting him know this is our 5th BRR and we are doing a 6 and a 12 man team – not that F3RVA is competitive or anything – boom!!! So dude says well Swirly you seem real involved in F3 really (in to it) – ah yea dude you could say I’m kinda involved and into it 🙂 – so he says you must know Dredd – I say who ? Naw I know OBT (cool dude) – but I bet Dredd knows Swirly 🙂 End of jogging in place fist bump (want to join me for a quick pull up – merkin – dip – beatdown)? Jekel – no.. Swirly – later man take care F3RVA will be hitting that palmeto race – maybe next year – what do you say fella’s you with me ??

Beatdown everyday : 2 mile run to the bars and bench – 3 sets 5 overhand – 3 sets 5 chin ups . 3 sets 10 incline merkins – 3 sets 10 dips – run 2 miles back.

Looking forward to being back in RVA with the pax !


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  1. Damn, dude. I wish I was there to Heckle you while you talked shit to Jeckle!

    I would definitely be interested in the Palmetto.

    Missed you.